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A Complete Guide To Different Types of Curtains

Not having curtains is all games and play until it’s time to sleep and especially at the time when you need privacy. So yes, putting up curtains is as important as any other furnishing item in your room. Curtains will be the focal point of your room, giving it wonderful aesthetics and also the desired amount of privacy. They are perfect for creating darkness and providing the right amount of insulation to the windows for any weather.

But just choosing a pretty fabric for the curtains doesn’t mean that the whole process of installing them has ended there. There are a lot of ifs and buts attached to selecting the most suitable curtains for your windows that will also enhance the look of your room. From picking up the right color and pattern of the fabric to going for the perfect drape and the hardware that will be fit for your room and needs, curtain picking can be a very stressful and tedious task if done without any prior knowledge. Bowled out by so many details? Don’t panic because we have you covered with our detailed feature on some spectacular curtain styles and window treatments along with gorgeous inspiration ideas. Read on and become a pro!

1. Curtain Fabric and More

Curtain fabric plays a pivotal role in how your curtains will look. There are a plethora of fabrics to pick from; thick jacquard to sheer voile or silk, make your choice wisely. 

When it comes to color, we suggest going for neutral colors as they stay in style for the longest time and they mesh in well with almost any kind of décor. 

● Lining

Making curtains is not only tiresome but also an expensive task. You pick a fabric and you love it! It looks wonderful with the aesthetics of your room. But the fabric doesn’t look durable enough! Bummed out? Don’t be, because curtain lining can be a great solution to increase the durability of the fabric. The lining increases the longevity of the curtains; creates a complete block out and excellent insulation from extreme heat or cold.

Added Perk: It gives a perfect drape and fall to the curtain. 

● Measurements

Measuring the size of your windows is extremely important as it makes and breaks the look of the room. Measurements include the length and width mainly. Your curtains should be perfectly touching the floor, not pooling over it, and definitely not above it. For measuring length, we suggest that you measure from right below the ceiling. Longer curtains give the illusion of higher ceilings, hence making your space look bigger. So hang your curtains at least 15cm above your window frame. Similarly, while measuring the width of your curtains, make sure that your curtain width is at least two times wider than your actual frame giving a mirage of a bigger window. 

2. Hang ‘em Right!

There are two ways to dangle your curtains. Read further to make your decision well!

● Curtain Pole

A curtain pole is a piece of hardware that is attached to the wall of your window and is used to hang curtains. These are maintained in place by wall-mounted supporting brackets, on which the rod or pole is balanced. They need hardware to seal off both ends. The rod holds up the curtains while making a statement itself with its decorative endings. Curtains like tab top or tie top are meant to be hung on these rods. 

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● Curtain Track

These are also called transverse rods. This is an extremely efficient and noise-proof system. Very discrete and designed in such a way that they blend in the wall. Curtain tracks work best for bedrooms. These can be easily paired with pelmets and valances. Curtain tracks are usually recommended for large windows which require big curtains since they have a pulley system or sometimes motorized options too. They are also suitable for curved and bay windows. The best thing about curtain track is that it facilitates most of the curtain heading styles. 

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3. Which Curtains to Choose From?

Not as lightproof as drapes, curtains provide a lot of privacy to the room. They run from floor to ceiling while adding a softer and cozier look to the whole room. Curtain designs come in a variety of styles. So pick yours according to your décor style.

● Sheer Curtain

As the name suggests, these curtains are thin, flowy, and partially transparent. They allow diffuse light to enter the room but they are not a very good option when it comes to privacy. They are usually used as a second layer to heavy-weight curtains or used as blinds. These curtains have the advantage of appearing light and delicate while being extremely long-lasting and durable. People living in high-rise buildings or apartments typically prefer sheer curtains.

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● Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains completely darken the room when drawn in. They give you complete privacy while shutting out as much light as possible. Mostly, they are made out of double-lined thick, heavyweight fabric. These curtains are ideal for bedrooms or home theaters. They also offer insulation against heat if you live in warmer areas. 

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● Semi-Opaque Curtains

Semi-opaque curtains are a middle ground between sheer and blackout curtains. They are thick but do not completely block light when they are drawn together. Linen and cotton fabric are ideal for semi-opaque curtains. They go perfectly with the modern décor and are good for living room areas.

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And while we’re on the subject of modern décor, this comprehensive guide to modern style décor will bring elegance to your home.

● Café Curtains

Café curtains are hung from the mid of the window to the bottom. They provide privacy while at the same time letting the light hit the room from the top portion of the window. They are also called tier curtains. Usually, lightweight fabric like voile or lace is used for café curtains. These curtains are normally used in kitchens and dining rooms.

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4. Pick a Heading Style For Your Curtains

● Curtain Rings

This heading style is a very easy and efficient way of curtain hanging. Curtain rings have always been high on demand heading style. Small curtain hooks attach the curtains to the rings. 

Pro Tip: Make sure the rings and rod are of good quality as they don’t hide behind the curtains).

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● Rod Pocket

Rod pockets are the most common and easiest way for curtain headings. These are also called pole pockets. These are when the fabric is folded back on itself to make a tunnel or a pocket for the rod to pass to form the gathering. Rod pockets can only be used on the curtain pole hanging system and are not meant for curtain tracks. The only hitch to this heading style is that drawing the curtains in and out is simply not possible.

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● Tab & Tie Top

More or less the same, both these heading styles have a little variation while having the same design philosophy. Tab top has loops made from the same or contrasting fabric while tie-top loops joined at the top end of the curtain and pass through the rod. Both are good for informal and relaxed styles and are mostly used for decorative purposes as they are not very convenient. Both are supported by the curtain rod system so it suggested investing in good quality hardware as they are mostly uncovered.

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● Eyelet

Eyelet curtain style is only subjected to curtain poles. They make big folds and give a much built-up feel. They are also known as ring top curtains. They give a wider look to the windows while consuming very little fabric. Good for bedrooms, living rooms, and almost any other space in your home.

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● Goblet Pleat

This style is good for homes with high ceilings and a classic Victorian style to go with that. This heading is shaped like a wine glass, hence the name. The main pleat is interlined to give a bulged look. Good to go with curtain track.

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● Pencil Pleat

Another heading style that is supported by a rod system, pencil pleats are modern and chic. The heading style has thin, long pencil-like pleats bound together with tape on the back end of the fabric. They are attached with small hooks that are not visible at the front. 

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● Gathered Pleat 

A gathered pleat heading style has pleated tape attached to the curtain top on its backside. When you pull the strings attached to the tape, you get the perfect gather or pleats that are a cross between a pinch and a pencil pleat design. The best part: You can adjust the gather according to your preference!

● Pinch pleat

A very diverse style that can be used on both curtain poles and curtain tracks. The heading style has three pleats sewed together with a stitch at the bottom and fans out past that stitch. It is a very elegant and classic style that can go flawlessly with fabric blinds.

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● Box Pleat

When the heading style of the curtains is made of pleats and they take the box-looking shape. Box pleats work so well with curtain tracks. They are made from wide rectangular pleats. A must for contemporary modern-style décor, they add elegance to your living room. 

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● French Pleat

They are also known as tailored pleats. Always a classic drapery, a French pleat heading creates a sleek header for curtains that controls fullness but allows perfect drape or fall. They have three pleats grouped together as one. Ideal for formal rooms, they stack up very neatly due to their triple pleat heading style.

This article is a must-read if you want to avoid some common mistakes that might end up ruining your French décor style.

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5. Types of Fabric Blinds To Choose From

Blinds are a window treatment that gives you control over the amount of light and air entering the room. Made from various materials, here are a few popular ones that you need to consider!

● Festoon blinds

These are very decorative and elaborate kinds of blinds that are made from fabric. They are sometimes called balloon blinds. The name gives you an idea of how they would look like. Well, they drape into poufy scallops at the bottom. They are voluminous and tailored very elegantly. Festoon blinds look beautiful and will go great if your interior design has more of a traditional touch than a modern one.

● Roman Blinds

A modern choice for window treatment, roman blinds are made from your desired fabric which draws up into pleats. These blinds are not a budget-savvy window treatment as they are made with great attention to detail which is time and labor-consuming. Roman blinds are a great option for smaller rooms as they take up lesser space as compared to the curtains. 

Pro Tip: Pair your roman blinds with curtains to give your room a more luxurious look.

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6. Pelmets and Valances For Disguise

You don’t like the rod of the curtain showing or you think there is still some unfinished business left although you are successfully done with the curtains of your room. Worry not, because we have just the thing for you! Ever heard of pelmets and valances? These are crown borders that will run along the top edge of the window covering the curtain rod or rail. They can be made out of fabric (most common) and other materials as well like timber or chipboard. Do you want to know the difference between a pelmet and a valance? Valances are softer in appearance and made from gathered fabric and drapey while pelmets are firm, flat, and box-like made from a harder object like wood and then covered with fabric. Aside from working as a disguise for the curtain rods, they work so well to enhance the decorative element of the curtains. They are also good at creating an illusion of longer or wider windows. 

Bonus Tip: Create extra definition on large windows by pleated valances.

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7. Window Films

Another window treatment called window film is a thin lamination that is glued to the window glass on the inside or used as a sticker. They do not offer a complete blackout since they allow filtered light but yes, they do give complete privacy. There are window films specifically designed to control heat and also provide UV protection. These come in different decorative designs as well. We would not suggest putting these on the bedroom or living room windows but they work well with the ones in the bathroom or kitchen.

Got a small bathroom but don’t know how to keep it tidy? Here are some super easy hacks and ideas to decorate small bathrooms.

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8. Invest in Privacy Shutters

If you are high on keeping your privacy, we suggest you go for window shutters. Usually, these are placed on the windows that face the front side of the house. A little costlier than any other window treatment, window shutters will be your long-term investment as your furniture pieces. 

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Going for window treatments can be quite tricky. Don’t be lost as this extensive guide will be your partner in crime when shopping for them like a pro. So adios and happy shopping with your personalized guide!

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