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A guide to make your home perfectly Zen

 “Zen is not effort. The effort is tension, the effort is work, the effort is to achieve something. Zen is not something to achieve. You are already that. Just relax, relax so deeply that you become a revelation to yourself.”

How can you define Zen style décor?

Zen word has been derived from the Chinese term “Chan” which relates to the Sanskrit word meditation. Zen means to be self-aware of ones surrounding and personal choices. It is to be self-conscious and to be at peace with one’s discretions and environment. Zen follows the ultimate minimalist approach. Out of all the lifestyle decor options, Zen has to be the minimalist one. It focuses on a relaxed environment above all. Just as farmhouse style décor relates to comfort and modern style decor is all for simplicity, Zen style decor chooses peace among all other emotions.  Peace, tranquility, and relaxation are what define the Zen decor of any place.

Zen Style décor for your home follows the Mantra of “All you need is less”.

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Some useful and important tips to follow while decorating your home Zen style are as follows

Go for earthy and muted colors for walls

An ancient Egyptian part of culture suggests that colors seem to play an important role in treating certain mental and health issues. This approach is known as Chromotherapy. Chromotherapy uses colors and light to heal and treat mental and health disorders. This process is also known as Chakras. Egyptians used to keep patients or test subjects in well-lit rooms, the glass of these rooms were made of various color schemes to achieve a certain outcome on the people.

This long preface establishes the importance of colors and how drastically they can affect our mental well-being. Zen constitutes earthy and light-toned colors to promote nothing but relaxed vibes. Going for beige to light grey shades, from baby blue to light green all are good for zen-ing it out (get it? Like zoning out! Anyways…). The monochrome approach of light colors can lead to extra calmness i.e., end up seeming boring. You can always combine achromatic color with bits of other darker shades to add a character to the place.

Treat your feet with comfort

As you walk around in your home, your feet are in constant contact with the floor. If your floor is made of a comfortable material, it can have a relaxing outcome. For example, soft wooden flooring can make walking and working fun. You can also have carpeted floors in your home. While you sit on a sofa with feet dangling and touching the ground, you can run your toes through the fibers of wool, it can be a massaging alternative. Massaging your feet can increase your blood circulation and reduce muscle built-up tension, among many other advantages. The color of the floor either wooden or carpeted should be coherent with the rest of the setting. The carpet colors normally used in the Zen setting are khaki, beige, or light greys to make a relation with the color of the walls.

Flood the space with natural light

The Sun shines bright millions of kilometers away from earth and still gives off enough energy and light to flood one whole side of this blue-green planet. Why not use this light to your advantage. As Zen is about the ultra-minimalist approach, why not use nature’s bulbs? Place your accent furniture, your study area, home office, near a grand window. Let the light shine and fill the room with beams of pure light rays. Research has also shown if you stand in sunlight for 15-20 minutes daily it can help you absorb vitamin D and protect you against certain cancers and guess what? It can also decrease your depression. Isn’t that what Zen is all about? Standing in the sunlight behind a glass window is better and would protect you against UV and other dangerous rays that come along with the good stuff. Taking most advantage of natural light can not only increase the natural light exposure but also decrease the overall usage of electricity and hence saving your hard-earned money.

Natural fabric over synthetic fabrics

Synthetic fibers used in clothing include substances like nylon, Rayon, propylene etc. These fibers are used in making quilts, curtains, pillowcases, and many everyday use items. Although synthetic stuff is good and has a lot of applications, they are lightweight, easy to wash, durable, and cheap but they are not for Zen decor. These materials can be uncomfortable. If there is no comfort, there is no peace. So, for Zen decor, opt for natural fabrics like wool, cotton, linen, etc. although expensive, they would be worth the peace you get afterward. A curtain made of wool would allow sunlight to pass through easily and keeping the room fairly lit up without switching on other light sources. These natural materials absorb less heat from the sun and hence keep the environment cool in summers. Using natural handwoven baskets for keeping dirty and washed clothes is also a part of the minimalist and simplistic approach. These baskets are easy to wash again and can be folded after working to save space.

Simple Furniture for simple setting

While choosing furniture it should always be simple. There are a lot of high-end modern articles with decoration and ornamental designs that look surreal, but they are not for Zen decoration. Choose strongly built furniture that would last longer and looks simpler in style. Go for clearly lined, minimum detailing, and maximum comfort providing furniture. The simpler, the better. Floor cushions and a low level of the wooden table can also help to create a simple oriental setting. The color of the furniture should match the walls and floor. Everyday use articles like cupboards, shelves, and drawers made of wood can be painted with muted colors to match the surroundings or can be left as is.

Decoration and lighting tips

Taking the extreme minimalist approach, keep the decoration to the minimum as well. Get two or three decoration pieces that are simple yet unique. If you have a grand collection of books that you can’t get rid of and want to showcase, you can do a neat trick of covering them with monochrome paper and writing the names by hand. It would add a distinctive twist to your setting.

Decoration pieces like modern wooden framed mirrors as given below. You can use this simple piece of wooden-edged mirror in your bathroom or bedroom.

You can also use earthy ceramic pots to keep your plants. These would add different shades in small quantities.

You can use steel-made black and golden colored plant hanging ornaments to the place and keep your plants in. These ceiling hangers are good because they save space and increase an unusual appeal. 

When it comes to lighting, use wooden and natural material lanterns and chandeliers, no extravagant articles.

Use candles for their warm, golden glow, or use yellow light bulbs. Using low-intensity light is also relaxing and hence ticks the Zen box precisely. Low-hanging pendants with a golden tint of light would be super cool. In addition to natural light, create a balance between natural and artificiallights and don’t use too many lights so as to follow the minimal theme. Use fairy lights to add soft golden twinkles to any area in your room.

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The grass is always green

Greenery is always welcomed with open arms and open doors in Zen-style decor. No matter the style and decor type, either it’s farmhouse style, modern style decor, or Zen, especially Zen, there needs to be greenery to add to the beauty of the setting. The green color symbolizes peace, new beginnings, renewal, and health. Chromotherapy as discussed earlier, uses green color to heal depression and anxiety. The natural tone of green is the best choice. A small bonsai tree on the table in the dining room, vines growing in the room from the window, pots of plants hanging from the walls, small plants on the corner of the room, these are just some ideas to make your home more Zen and natural.

Some additional pointers to make the place more Zen.

Remove the unnecessary clutter and furniture items. Analyze your room and point out the pieces of furniture that are least used and you can function perfectly without them. Repeat it for all the rooms. Store the excess stuff in the attic for future use or arrange a yard sale and make some easy cash as a side advantage.

Get rid of electronic gadgets. These can be distracting for you and can affect the peace of your mind. Too many electric appliances can be dangerous as they release Ultraviolet and electromagnetic waves. Repeat the same process of pointing out the devices you can live without and sell them. 

Keep your place tidy and clean. Nothing gives more relaxing vibes than a room cleaned to perfection. Keep your rooms clean with each article in its respective place. It would create more space and make the room appear grander and clutter free giving you the ultimate peace.

Add some scented candles and warm essential oils to fill the room with fragrance and a soothing ambiance. Aromatherapy is very useful in treating many underlying health issues and is also important to create a gentle snug environment.

Locate your furniture in such a way that it is spaced enough and does not serve as a blockage in your way. You should be able to stroll freely in your place. The bed in your bedroom needs to be away from the door. A heightened bed also creates an embodiment of leisure and solace. 

Create a canopy of wool or silk cloth to add an additional element of privacy and a sense of relief. It creates a personal space for enjoying your private time. It also increases the appeal of decoration along with some privacy.

Low leveled tables and comfortable sofas are a signature of Zen styling. You can build your own Zen table by literally nailing some simple boards of wood together. As a result you would get a simple Zen-style table with little effort.

Use fusuma, these doors are commonly used in Japan as a separation between the rooms. They can be used to divide a big living room area into two parts. Fusuma is made of thick and grained rice paper that is strengthened by using wood panels and edges.

Create a Black and white combo. This can be an effective way to decorate any specific area of your house, just a simple black and white color scheme. With wall white, furniture black and white, grey floor, and everything in between in the shades of these colors

Don’t forget your bathroom. It is also an important part of your home where you spend a lot of time. The setting should also be relaxing and Zen-oriented. Some tips for decorating your bathroom Zen style are

  • Get lots of scented candles to set the mood.
  • Add neutral and muted color combinations.
  • Add in some comfy rugs and floor carpets.
  • Place your bathtub under the window. So, you can relax in the warm water and enjoy the view outside.
  • Add small plants in the corners to add freshness.

Do not mistake minimalism with emptiness. While keeping things in the limits of sophistication and minimal, don’t throw away everything. Having some decoration pieces can be good for the view. You can keep the decorations to an extreme simplicity but do not keep the place empty.

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Experts’ advice

The Zen-style decor is a good option to decorate your place if you want to escape the high-end city life for some time. Relax and be at peace with yourself before heading back into the cutthroat competition of fast and revolutionizing world. This decor would relieve tension and calm you and make you ready to take on the challenges at work. Also, it is important to change your surroundings from time to time to fresh up your mind.

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