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Towel Hangers, Soap Dispensers Ideas For Bathrooms. Choosing the right accessories for the bathroom.

Wash away your troubles with the bath full of bubbles ~ Anonymous.

Decorating your home is necessary to live a comfortable life. In-home decoration, everything is included from kitchen to the living room, from the garden to the bathroom. Every nook and cranny is important to be taken care of. Every piece of furniture, every accessory has to have a function to perform. This little piece of information might come as a shock to you that an average human being spends around 182 hours per year of his/her lifetime in a bathroom. So those 182 hours are worth decorating and stacking your bathroom with only the best of accessories.

Set the financial limits.

Before taking any decision, you have to set take your budget into serious consideration. You need to understand how much you can afford to spend on something. After careful consideration take it from there. One trick you can use is to make a separate portion of each expense.

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It is good not to be brand conscious.

It is good to want the best for you, but it’s not always good to be too picky. Although it is good to buy strong and durable stuff for your place, but you can decorate your bathroom with some budget-friendly stuff as well. Some general, easy on your budget tips are as follows

  • Use fairy lights to decorate your bathroom walls and mirror. They are cheap and look very pretty. Fairy lights would not only look pretty, but would also light up your bathroom and ultimately saving electricity and your money.
  • Use scented candles, they would increase the appeal of your bathroom up to many folds.
  • Use small plants, they would keep the surroundings fresh and clean with their naturally produced oxygen and clean air.

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Make a list

You can make a list of everything that comes under needed accessories. Jot down the most important things that you need in your bathroom, tumbler holder, glass shelves, shower mat and soap dispenser etc. These are important because they are needed. After you are done with important stuff, you can then add things in for extra comfort and ease like scented candles and candle holders.

It’s good to know what you want.

Making a list is a good way to start. Start with buying the accessories that you cannot work without. Aside from the very basic things like sink, shower and bathtub, you have to have certain things. These accessories don’t include the most basic things, but they definitely include the things you need. Every person has different preferences and hence different needs. For example, if you prefer to take a shower basket with you while going in for a shower. Or, you want to keep you stuff stacked on the glass shelves inside the bathroom. It all falls down to your needs and choices.

Never compromise on the quality

Budget is an important factor to consider but not to compromise over the quality of the accessories. You cannot keep buying stuff over and over again if the recent comes out defective.

Start small and buy the most necessary stuff like a tumbler holder, shower mat, sink faucets etc. Then add the other stuff when you have more money. Make sure that every stuff that you buy is of supreme quality so that you can save money in the long run.

One important hack that you can use is to categorize and separate your expenses make an excel or a datasheet. It will help you organize your finances as discussed earlier.

Characteristics of bathroom accessories-

Some highly favorable qualities that are looked for when buying bathroom accessories include the following:

Water resistance

We are interested in buying accessories which are going to be in contact with water at least half of the day if not more. So, they need to be water-resistant and not corrode easily. For these reasons, wooden accessories are by far the rarest to be used and bought for the bathroom’s decoration. Metals and plastics are the most desirable choices because they are water-resistant and strong.


Cost seems to matter everywhere and the only thing that is important is that you do not overburden yourself with the most basics of needs. So, buy the simple rather than extravagant accessories as it is just your bathroom.


The strength of the accessories is important as you do not want any mishaps from the accidental breakage. Strength is also crucial because it makes a material durable and last longer, a quality wanted by all types of furniture, accessories and decoration. Another important thing to consider is that metal-made surfaces do not have sharp edges. They can be dangerous for you and cause accidental cuts and scratches.

Materials used in bathroom accessories

Many different materials are being used to produce bathroom accessories. Some of them are as follows:


It is an alloy made by mixing more than one metal. This results in a material that has the properties of both. It is resistant and durable and a very common choice for bathroom accessories.

Zinc and its alloys

Again, zinc alloys are another common material in furniture and bathroom accessories. In the bathroom, the whole area is subjected to water and continuous moisture. In order to stand the humidity and water content without corrosion and brittleness alloys are a favorable choice.


Plastic is the least expensive yet least durable option. They look cute and come in pretty colors. These products include inflatable bathtubs for children and foldable Stools and tubs. Plastic are the only accessories that do not have Lead. They are made of pure plastic because lead can sometimes be toxic.

Inflatable Bath Tub

Glass and ceramic

Glass and ceramic have been extensively used in bathroom accessories as these are also water-resistant. They are insulators of electricity, so no accidental electricity mishaps can occur. They are a bit expensive but very smooth and have shiny appearance. Ceramic and glass can be the most slippery of all the surfaces and materials used.


Wood is among the rarest material used in bathroom accessories because it can absorb water. Wood can swell up after absorbing moisture and can easily break after repeated episodes of contact with water.

Chrome coating

Chrome is short for chromium which is a metal. It is not purely used but used as a coating, as enamel for other metals like Iron and Steel. This provides strength and corrosion-resistance to the resulting material. Chrome coated substance is silver with a blue subtle shade and shine. It is expensive-looking and seems clear-cut polished material.

Some of the accessories needed in every bathroom are as follows

Sink faucets

You must wash your hands and feet and that’s what the faucets are for. They should allow the perfect combination of cold and hot water and with no leakages to avoid water wastage.

Bathroom Sink Faucet


You have to hang your robes and clothes somewhere and that is why you would need knobs in your bathroom. You cannot just keep your clothes in the sink or anywhere else. They need a specific space.

Matte Black Robe Towel Hook

Glass shelves

They are used to keep your shampoos and conditioners and other skincare products in a nice little arrangement in the order of usage. So, these shelves are making up for a necessary bathroom accessory for the sake of your hair and your skincare regime.

Tempered Glass Bathroom Shelf

Bucket and mug

These are here because you need something to fill up the water when bathing a baby or a toddler. Babies cannot stand still and water from a shower might get in their eyes due to high pressure. So, these buckets and mugs are necessary. Not just for babies but for you as well. You can use them to wash clothes by hand, dip your feet or soak clothes before washing them to loosen the permanent stains.

Utility Bucket

Dispenser for soap

It is a useful accessory in which you can add your shower gel. It provides the user with a pump of shower gel enough to use for one time. The dispenser can be manual, where you have to press on it to get the soap. It can be automatic and detects your hand through the motion sensor, and pumps out the gel.

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Tumbler holder

You can hang your tumbler/mug after use with this accessory. It is important because you don’t want to just throw the tumbler in the bathroom randomly. Plus, you can keep your extra makeup brushes and toothbrushes in it too.

Countertop Accessory Set

Shower mat

While taking a shower the whole space where you are standing is wet. Wet surfaces are slippery and can lead to serious injuries if not being careful. The shower mat provides friction and support to stand in the running water and slippery slope without falling. That makes a shower mat an important bathroom accessory.

Towel hanger

The towel hanger is an important bathroom accessory. Because you cannot just call someone to hand you the towel every time you go in the bathroom. Plus you can’t put your towel in the sink or anywhere. The towel might get wet and not serve it’s purpose.

Antler Towel Rack

Shower basket

You can keep your conditioners and luffas and other feminine hygiene products in the bathroom. You can also keep them in your drawers, and can bring them with you when you are going to take a shower using a shower basket. The significance is that you can protect your stuff from germs and contamination with a shower basket.

Market-Style Wire Basket

Bathtub tray

If you like taking long showers and enjoy relaxing private time, enhance your experience with a bathtub tray. You can keep your phone or tab, some snacks, a glass of wine in the tray. Soak in the warm water and enjoy an episode of your favorite show. Enjoy a glass of wine along with, and make your bathing experience even better.

Adjustable Organizer Tray

Floor mats

Coming out of the shower you can get water drops from feet to your room. A floor mat outside of your bathroom help soak up the extra dripping water. You can slip and fall while walking with wet feet in your room. A floor mat would help you avoid accidental fall downs.

Bamboo Wood Bath Mat

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

If you want to take a shower basket from outside every time you shower don’t worry, keep your needed stuff in a cabinet. A bathroom mirror cabinet would be perfect to keep all your showering products away from germs and moisture. In addition to a storing space you will get a mirror to look your pretty self in.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

Tips for cleaning your bathroom and its accessories:

Cleaning your bathroom, the right way is necessary. Because it is the house of many bacteria and germs, they need to be stopped from getting out in the house. First of all, clear out the visible trash.

  •  Use a broom to clean out the garbage and dust.
  • Then get a bucket or sink full of warm water, and the cleaner or liquid soap in it, and mix.
  • Start by targeting the stained or dirty area, apply the cleaner, or soap directly on it and let it set.
  • Use the warm water to rub the cleaner or soap to remove the stain.
  • For permanent stains and getting rid of yellow areas of the bathroom, use strong bleach or acid cleaners.
  • Be very careful to not let your hands get hurt by the acid cleaner.
  • Wash the whole place with warm water and cleaner, rub and scrub the place until complete satisfaction.
  • Add a detoxifying agent like diluted Ethanol to kill the bacteria and other microbes that can be dangerous.
  • After cleaning the bathroom, dry it completely, and be very careful while moving when the bathroom is wet.

Experts Advice:

Decorating each part of the home can be a laborious task. We are here to help and to decrease the efforts needed while choosing the best accessories for you. So let’s get started on stalking your bathrooms with much-needed stuff. Happy Decorating!

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