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Best wind chimes for outdoors, Bamboo or Metal? A Guide for choosing a perfect wind chime for your place.

My balcony talks when the wind, chimes – Weaving bird.

Windchimes are an intricate arrangement of glass, wood, or metal pieces. They are attached to a support and hung from a door or on the ceiling. Wind chimes make tinkling sounds when air passes through them. 

Why do you need a wind chime? 

Wind chimes are believed to be around as early as 5000 years. Archaeologists found traces of old wind chimes that date back to 3000 BC. Why are these wind chimes important? In recent times, they were believed to ward off evil and scare away birds and animals from the fields. They also hold importance in the Chinese practice of feng shui. Feng shui implies that the sounds made by wind chimes give off positive energy to the living space. They and their pretty colors are used to decorate houses and outdoor spaces. According to a psychological study, wind chimes have positive outcomes on our minds and body. The sound waves are like vibrations that can travel through any plane, either a wall or a human body. As these waves pass through our bodies, they affect us by increasing brain activity. Soothing musical sounds increase the release of a happy hormone I.e., Dopamine. This hormone makes us feel elevated and calm.

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Insides affect the outside

The material, size, and style of the wind chimes affect the sound it makes. There are a lot of materials being used to make wind chimes like,

  • Bamboo
  • Shells
  • Glass
  • Stoneware
  • Earthenware
  • Beads
  • Keys
  • Porcelain
  • Metal such as Aluminum

Unique options to go for include

  • Recycled plastic
  • Silverware
  • Coins
  • Cookie cutters 
  • Pieces of Pottery

Why such a detailed list for the types of material for a wind chime? The reason is that it affects the range, pitch, and types of sound produced. So, it is crucial to go through all these options in order to choose the best.

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Types of Material

The shape and material of a wind chime can affect the output of the sound from it. Following is some interesting pointers:

  • Generally, the wind chime that has long tubes would produce deep and relaxing sounds.
  • If your wind chime has narrow tubes that are small in size, it results insounds with a high pitch. 
  • The wind chimes made of Aluminum give the longest and loudest sounds. 
  • Some wind chimes can be easily modified to match the desired length and size like those madefrom metal. But glass and seashells cannot be tuned and, they give out random sounds from tinkling to clanging.

Some of the extensively used materials in wind chimes and their characteristics are below so that you can get a detailed inspection and idea about the materials. 

Metal Windchimes

As discussed above, metals can be easily tuned to result in a perfect sound. It allows for a symphony of melodies created by simply adjusting the length and shape of the metal. How mysterious yet wonderful this phenomenon is? Metal has durability and strength and, it will not be affected by the weather extremities in case of an outdoor wind chime. The metals used for chiming purposes include:


The popular one is Aluminum for its characteristics of being durable and weather resistant. It offers clarity and volume to the tunes. The sounds made, last for longer times.


Steel can be recycled easily in case you want something eco-friendly. An affordable option with a range of tunes and pitch produced. It has a polished and refined finish because of its material. Steel is a good option for a reasonable priced wind chime.  


This chime had a neat appearance and powerful sounds. Echoing for long, brass is a common choice among people for feng shui practice. With superior craftsmanship and weather resistance, it makes rich and beautiful sounds. 


The color of copper metal is its unique property. A rustic golden color looks good to the eyes and can contrast with the surroundings very well, be it green or white. Copper goes with every color and has durability being a metal. It produces a vast range of pleasing notes of melodies.

Bamboo wind chimes

These are made from bamboo grass which is mistaken for bamboo tree. Bamboo belongs to a grass family of plants. Although being less durable than metal, it still is a good option if you want to feel closer to nature. As its tubes clung together, it makes a hollow yet mild sound that can be described as subtle and relaxing. Sounds made from bamboo chimes are very different from those of metals and lie on a softer note. So, they are good for easy and soothing vibes. 

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Beautifully Hand-crafted bamboo chimes

There are hand-crafted bamboo wind chimes also available in the market. The bamboo strung together using hemp and wooden beads to increase its visual appearance and gives it a make-over. The chimes made with bamboo are sanded, revealing the texture with sharp edges trimmed to perfection. So,there is no worry about small pieces of bamboo shedding. 

Seashells wind chimes

These chimes are made with Capiz shells that are translucent and durable and are derived from the mollusks. The mollusks are eaten too but are worth more for their Shells. The Shells are pretty to look and strong to withstand changing weather conditions. They give an intricate, costly appearance to the wind chimes and give your place a fashionable and classy appearance. The wind chimes would take you back to the place where they are from, making sounds that resemble rippling water. They produce natural sounds without the unnecessary echo, gentle and refined. A delicate appearance with delicate melodies. 

Glass windchimes

Glass is used in chandeliers and lamps and wind chimes. They give a chic and elegant look to the wind chimes. The glass used can be all white or of many pretty colors. Although they are less durable than other kinds of chimes discussed above, they are high-class in appearance and make unique one-of-a-kind sounds. With many different styles and sizes, this type of wind chimes presents many options to buy from. When they are hung outside the sun rays fall on the glass to make up for a mesmerizing view with sweet gentle sound. A good option for a trendy outlook.

Style of wind chimes

Tubular windchimes

These types of wind chimes are among the most popular choice. Can be found in an extensive variety of sizes and styles to accommodate every room and place. It consists of many tubes that hang beautifully from a support in the vertical direction. Each tube has the ability to generate its own unique tone. A wind chime with different lengths can be an appealing factor. Different tubes of varying length arranged in a pattern pose a stylish charm.

Bells windchimes

As the name suggests these are made of different sizes of bells. The clappers in the case of a bell wind chime are connected to the single metal piece. The sound is made by striking the same single metal piece, not the multiple tubes as in case of tubular chimes. There is a vast variety of bell-shaped wind chimes. They vary from smaller to larger bells, from traditional bell-shape to unique shaped bells. You can explore many options and choose the ones you like. The shape of bells is also important as it affects the sounds and there is outer appearance too.

Where to hang your wind chime?

It all depends on your preference, if you are an outdoor person and enjoy the company of nature. You like frequent teas and coffees on the terrace after hectic days at work then get yourself an outdoor wind chime. So,you can enjoy nature and pleasing sounds of wind chime to get rid of the toxicity of a tiresome work routine. If you like to come home and sit alone in your room. If you like to watch tv shows indoor, hang out in the longue and enjoy with family, then indoors is the place for your windchime. Get yourself a perfect indoor wind chime and host dinner parties and gatherings with your loved ones. One thing to consider is that your house should be open and breezy so, that the wind chime can make the melodies indoor as well.

Attention to the details

Keep these pointers in mind in addition to the other discussed information. 

  • The number of tubes in a wind chime is worth attention to as it determines the number of notes produced by the wind chime. Many tubes in a chime can combine and result in a number of notes. They can make different tunes and harmonies. While a smaller number of tubes in a wind chime results in refined sounds with distinct limited notes. 
  • The finish of the wind chime corresponds to the visual appearance. As a wind chime is used for decorating rooms and houses, the visual aspect is an important one. So, buy the one that catches your eye among the crowd. 
  • Windchime length, as discussed above, should be considered according to the preference of the buyer i.e., you.
  • The clapper is the piece of a wind chime that connects to the tubes. Buy the one that has a carefully calculated point of contact so as to produce the perfect sound. 
  • The sail of wind chime and its size affects how much wind is needed to make the tubes clink and result in a melody. A wind chime makes sound as a result of air travelling at the speed of eight to ten miles per hour. So, if the area where you live is windy, you can buy a wind chime with a big sail and vice versa. 

Tips to extend your wind chimes life

After much contemplation, you bought yourself a perfect wind chime. Now it is up to you how well you take care of it.

  •  Maintenance depends upon material of the wood chime. Bamboo chime is more prone to weathering, so it should be hung inside. In case, you live in an area with frequently changing weather.
  • To wipe off the dust use a damp cloth. Aluminum and other metals can be cleaned using a mixture of soap and water rubbed gently with a cloth.
  • In the case of glass and stainless steel, if you get stubborn spots on your wind chimes, you can use a stain remover or try washing powder mixture in water, soak the chimes in for some time, and clean with a soft cotton cloth.
  • Hanging your wind chime is important. You need to be sure that the support is sturdy with which the chime is hung, so it does not fall off. The glass wind chimes are specifically to be dealt with great care. Make sure there is nothing that can hit the chime break it. Broken glass pieces fallen on the ground can be dangerous so, this is to be taken into careful consideration.
  • Metals are not sensitive to rust but, some metals like Aluminum can go through pitting.Pitting is localized corrosion and can result in small surface holes. To get rid of them, use a ball of simple steel wool and rubbed those pits off to get back that polished finish again. 

Windchimes are perfect gifts too

If you are thinking of a gift for your office colleague or a dear friend, these wind chimes make up for a perfect gift. What better gift can there be than a piece of offering that would give peace of mind, relaxation, and revitalization to the receiver. So do not worry if you end up being the secret Santa for a cousin in your family tradition, these wind chimes can help you. Book your perfect wind chime today and get ready to receive praises. 

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Experts’ advice

This article would help you choose the perfect fit for your house and anyone else’s in case you are thinking of gifting a wind chime to someone. For any guidance from pitch to durability, you can explore this article and get all the needed information. Happy Chiming!

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