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Candleholder for Living Room? for bedroom? How to Choose a candleholder?

Man loves company – even if it is only that of a small burning candle.

Georg C. Lichtenberg

Make sure your life is like a candle, start out with a flicker and go out in flames. Never lose your light and in your way, light others up as well. Candles are a phenomenal wonder came into life from the early simplest times. It reminds us how something simple can be so beautiful. A thread lighting up and twinkling and showering the surroundings with its light. Using candles to decorate any place can turn a simple dull setting into a fairyland if done right. A candle alone won’t do the trick no matter how pretty it looks. This is where the candle holder comes up. Not just giving standing support to the candle but adding to its beauty too. There are so many options you can explore and choose the perfect candle holder.

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So, let’s dive in and find out.

Some of the precautions to take into account before buying the candle holder are following:

The function of a candle holder

The main purpose of a candle holder is to hold the candle just right so it can burn and light up. The flame is to be watched as not to burn the holder itself. It should provide enough support to the candle as to stand straight.

  • Does it give the needed room for the candle to melt and not spill out hot wax outside?
  • Does it stay sturdy if you want to hang it on the ceiling, in case of a candle chandelier?
  • Does it protect the candle from outside disturbances like wind or random force like your hand accidentally touching the holder?

Size of the candle holder

The size should be according to the candle. It should not be too low to expose the candle. Not too tall as to hide the candle inside it unless intended so like a lantern. It should be just right to give the candle a gleaming beauty. It should not be too big as to seem like clutter rather than decorative material. If you have a small room, a big candle holder can be odd. A grand candle holder in a small place would attract all the attention towards itself. A small candle holder in a big room would lose its identity. There would be no use having a candle holder if it cannot make a statement.

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Material of the candle holder

The material is of utmost importance. The material of a candle holder matters for its appearance, and how it reacts with the flame. The wood candle holder might burn with the flame. Metal candle holder might get too hot because it is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Ceramic is good as it is an insulator of heat, but it can crack due to excessive heat exposure. So, every material has its downsides, and the material should be chosen carefully. There are many other kinds of materials being used in candle holders. Stuff like glass and stainless steel is also being used. Glass can get heated and can be broken or melted. Stainless steel can absorb heat but is lightweight and expensive.

Design of the candle holder

The holder should not be too stylish to outshine the candle itself. It should not be too dull to hide the beauty of the candle. It should also go with the surrounding. If you have a modern and chic house setting you need to go for the same kind of holder. If your place gives a traditional vibe looks for a more intricate and contemporary style of holder.

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Damage prevention

Once you’ve bought the candleholder after extensive research and money. It is important to consider the right way to install them. The holder should be attached with hooks that stay in place. In case you at going to hang it from the ceiling. You can check the strength of hooks by attaching equal mass from them. The glass material and ceramic holders are the most important ones to be taken care of. If the glass or ceramic breaks, the pieces can be dangerous to handle. There shouldn’t be any threat of falling of the holder. While putting them in a heightened place, make sure there is enough space around the candleholders in every direction. So that the holder doesn’t fall by slight movement forward or sideways.


Where you keep your candleholder is of utmost importance. Do not put the holder in the centre if you don’t want it to be the focal point. If you want all eyes on your candle and its holder and how pretty it is, place it right at the centre. In the case of candle chandeliers, do not hang them too high as to burn off the ceiling. Or too low as it would seem odd. Don’t place your holder in tilted place so that the wax drips out. Place your holder where it is easy to replace the candles inside. Make sure there is no material around that can catch fire from the flame.

Types of candles

The candle holder you buy would ultimately depend on the type of candles you have. It all depends on what you want to place inside the candleholder. Either the candle is small, large, thick, or thin, following is the list of some common candle types.

  • Votive candle type
  • Taper candle type
  • Flameless candle type
  • Beeswax candle type
  • Paraffin wax candle type
  • Tea Light candle type
  • Pillar candle type

The various kinds of candle holders

Interesting fact, the earliest candleholder was made of clay and the tradition is as old as 400 B.C. With the advancement in time, wealthier families moved towards silverware and even gold candleholders as the central pieces in their dining tables and rooms.

There are seven different kinds of candle holders based on shapes and the number of candles they can hold.

Interesting fact, the earliest candleholder was made of clay and the tradition is as old as 400 B.C. With the advancement in time, wealthier families moved towards silverware and even gold candleholders as the central pieces in their dining tables and rooms.

There are seven different kinds of candle holders based on shapes and the number of candles they can hold.


This type of candle holder is the most ancient yet, interesting one. They are used to make the candles a focal point of the setting. The kings and Rajas in old ages used to place candelabra at the centre of their dining tables. Their unique styles make them difficult to be placed in every setting. They would go perfectly with a contemporary setting. They provide the feel of old age and traditional fashion. But if you want to add a unique twist to your modern area, or living room then go ahead. For the lovers of Nautical themes, this type of candle holder is the ultimate choice. It is worth noting that one candelabra can hold many candles.

Candle chandelier:

It was widely used in the old times. The chandeliers consist of beautiful crystals and beads of glass or the skeleton of steel and bronze.In these days chandeliers are lit up with light bulbs. These were used to light up the homes in the old times with candles. The chandeliers hung from the ceilings where they scattered their rays in all directions of the room. Those golden beams of light lit up the place and gave it an aesthetic appearance. You can get yourself a candle chandelier to get the old times touch. They can hold many candles.

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Lanterns are a type of candle holder used to place the candle inside. Lanterns were used to light the way in the dark in old times. These contemporary candle holders come in so many pretty shapes and styles. They would make your candle as pretty as possible. The lanterns make of khaki paper can be made at home. You can simply use a steel wire and bend it to hold the candle in place. Cover it with khaki paper. So simple and easy. But you can buy more stylish ones too. Nevertheless, a great home for your candle.

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Votive candle holders:

As the name suggests, this candle holder is for votive candles. The candle holder is small around 2 to 4 inches in height. They are pretty inexpensive, and you can collect a whole bunch to decorate your room. They resemble the tea candle holders discussed later. There are various pretty patterns on the votive candles. When light is passed through them, they give out unique rays of light. This can make the whole arrangement one of a kind. They are small in size and hence can be arranged in different patterns on the floor or on the table. One votive candle holder can only hold one candle.

Taper candle holders:

The most common type of candle that you can find in any store or candle place is the taper candle. It is cylindrical and long. The taper candle holder is also long and sleek in design. It would hold the long candle in place without letting it fall or tilt. These types of candle holders are very common in wedding receptions and birthday parties. They are also found at dinner tables in restaurants and at homes. They can be found in gold, silver, black and even transparent.

Tea light candleholders:

These are small, inexpensive candleholders that usually come in a set. There are many pretty colours of these holders. Each colour of the holder would give a different tint to the light of the candles. They are common and used for small tea light candles. They can be placed in any small area because of their size. They are just like votive candle holders, small yet cute. For a perfect setting around any area, they are bound to make the space lit up and pretty.

Hurricane candleholders:

Hurricane candleholders are large and pretty. They get their name by the shape they have. They can adjust the candle inside them and protect the candle from the winds. These can be used to place thicker candles like beeswax candles. But you can decorate these holders using thinner candles too. It is all about your preference. As a hurricane candle can protect the inside candle from wind, it can be used outdoors. You can decorate your patio and garden with beautiful shimering light hurricane candle holders.

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Some nonconventional types of candle holders

Transparent Minimalist candle holder

This kind can be a simple globe of glass or plastic and the candle is placed inside. It is transparent in appearance and can be seen through. You can watch the whole process as to how the candle lights up, burns and dies down, only to repeat the whole process again. The flames dance and flicker with each wind wave. You can enjoy the whole dance routine and feel relaxed. It has been proven by science that the flame of a candle can soothe and calm us. We can even meditate by simply watching the candle and its light.

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All black

The candle holder made of black material like metal or ceramic or glass painted black. It presents the most mesmerizing view to enjoy. The black colour lit up with candlelight gives a light illumination. It is perfect for setting a romantic mood for a candlelight dinner. It doesn’t provide too much light. But just an ambiance of dark glow. The black candle holder with different patterns carved in them would let the light out of them in different kind of rays. The light can make beautiful patterns to fill the room.

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How much space and money can you spare?

This depends on your home and your budget. If you can go all out on designing your home, buy a grand chandelier candle holder. Or go for an intricate candelabra and make your neighbours jealous of your expensive decoration. If you have a tight budget, nothing to worry about. You can go for small tea light candle holders or votive ones. You can use them to light up every nook and cranny of your room. One trick is to buy simple small tea light candles and decorate them with fairy lights. Fairy lights are extremely economical and get give off such a lovely and elegant appearance. You can also decorate these small tea light candle holders with ribbons and glitter. So, no matter the money and budget you have, we have got you covered. You can turn an ordinary small glass into a candle holder too by using fairy lights and glitter. If you broke a glass by accident no problem! Use the pieces carefully to decorate your DIY candle holder. You can paint a simple glass with pretty colours too.

Experts’ advice

A candle and its flame can add to the beauty of your home and make you relaxed by watching its flame. You can get all the necessary guidance here. Buy a perfect candle holder for yourself or just make one. You can gift a candle holder to your loved ones as well, either hand-made or store-bought. The perfect candle holder would reflect the taste and setting of your home.

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