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Hanging Flowers and Plants; Which one do I choose, Artificial or Real?

What did one hanging plant say to another? “Hang in there!”

Hanging plants hang from the roof with support or are in a container. Hanging plants are unique and add a floating and trendy element to your home. They are super fresh and would provide you with a colorful view without occupying any space in your home. Now the question is, which hanging plant to choose, Artificial or Real? I would suggest artificial ones. Let’s weigh some pros of choosing faux plants for the fresh ones in your home.

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Faux hanging plants are lighter

Every single entity is made of cells. Elements in these cells differ and so do the resulting material. Natural plants and flowers are made of cellulose, a structural carbohydrate that is heavier. While faux plants are made of plastics, cotton, wool, or other kinds of lighter material. Plus, there is soil/dirt kept in natural plants which further increases the weight. So the resulting flowers and plants are heavier in weight as compared to faux ones.

Faux hanging plants are easier to tie/hang

The first point directly relates to this point. When hanging plants are lighter in weight they would be easier to hang. They would just be hung with a simple knot or good-quality double-sided tape. While in natural plants you would have to properly create a hanging place able to hang heavier weights like a nail drilled in the wall.

No chance of falling, of heavy stuff

Natural plants are accompanied by dirt/soil and the weight is increased, if by any chance the natural hanging plants fall, so would the dirt and it would create a mess of things. In faux plants, even if plants do fall there would be no dirt or mess.

Natural hanging plants need water and sunlight

You need to continuously add water to your natural plants, hanging or not. So, that would create an additional tiresome chore to maintain the plants. The water in the hanging container can drip down from it and get the floor dirty. This would not be the case in artificial plants and flowers. Natural plants also need sunlight so hanging them in a place where there is direct sunlight is important. With faux plants that won’t be an issue either, they would just hang around without any water and sunlight.

Let’s go through some more insights to decorate your home with hanging plants

Hanging plants and flowers as wall decor

You can not only decorate your ceilings with hanging plants but also hang them from a wall. Just drill one nail from the wall, use a ribbon, make a loop and hang your plants in a hanging basket or container. Some of the amazing companions hanging on the wall are

Use a variety of Hanging containers

There are so many varieties in hanging containers to go for. I think that different colors and styles would help you match the style decor. Simple ones with muted colors would look good in modern and contemporary style decor. Traditional and rustic colors would be perfect for farm country-style decor. Also, different flower combinations in the hanging containers would help in making a color appearance.

Put a spin in your outdoor areas with faux hanging plants

These hanging plants are so useful either indoors or outdoors. I suggest you put a unique spin by hanging them with the roof of your patio and the outdoor terrace and balconies. Terrace have less space but it’s important to add greenery and decorative items. So, hanging these plants can not only take care of the space issue but also decorate the area.

Some more fun and unique ways to hang your faux plants from the ceiling and walls.

●     I would recommend hanging your plants upside down with the bottom of the container attached to the ceiling. This would make up for a super novel and cool idea.

●     I would suggest using small hanging plants and creating a unique appearance by attaching them in a pattern. Make a zig-zag pattern, a straight-line pattern, a circular one. It’s up to you.

●     Use a hanger and attach it onto a window with a suction cup. If you want to explore other options, use strong double-sided tape to hang lighter hangers.

●     Dedicate a whole wall and create a collage of different hanging plants with different shaped containers.

●     Another idea I would love to carry out in my home is to place a candle in between the plants. This would result in the most unique candle holder illuminating and decorating a place at the same time.

●     One super cool idea is to use an old ladder not being used to keep and hang the hanging baskets with it. You can hang plants by simply tying them with ropes and creating levels of many small and cute hanging plants.

Let’s discuss some important queries regarding home decoration with hanging plants

How can I hang the hanging baskets from the ceiling?

You can use a nail drilled inside the wall and hang the basket with a ribbon of your choice of color. The ribbon would create another dimension of decor. Also, you can buy ceiling hooks or hangers that would easily hang anything either a basket or a container.

Is it out of style to have hanging plants?

Not at all! First of all, as long as there are plants indoors, they would always be hanging in a basket, lying on the floor, kept in the containers and baskets. But if you feel like it is outdated you can always add your spin to it by following some fun ideas discussed above.

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Can I hang my plants without the drilling part?

Yes! You can!. You can easily hang the plants with Clamps, Strong magnets, tension rods, ladders to use as stands for hanging plants, and coat racks. All of these are super unique ways and would protect your walls and ceiling from nails and hammers.

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