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Make Your Little Girl’s Room Special With These Ideas

Decorating your little girl’s room is more of your dream fantasy that you satisfy through decorating for her. Admit it, you have found a tiny real-life human doll and you can fulfill your fantasies of playing dress-up, making her hairdo, or decorating her dream room.

While decorating the room for your little girl from scratch, you have to keep a lot of aspects in mind.  And that can get quite intimidating! But fret not; we’re here to help. This totally trendy step-by-step guide will clear up your mind if you are struggling with design inspirations, and will make the journey and the room the most special and memorable one.

So let’s embark on this journey of turning her room into something as precious as your little one.

1. Pick a Wall Color and Get Creative With it

The first and foremost step is to get introduced to colors. You have a blank canvas and it’s time to get creative! Muted tones are always preferable as they leave you with ample room to show your creative side. Also, for small kids, gentle colors are normally favored.

Pink is always the foremost color that comes to mind when picking out a color theme for a girl’s bedroom. Mix it with more pastels and bibity bibity boo, you’ve got the magic rolling!

Consider painting the accent wall in a muted tone. Decide on that one wall that you think is the foundation of the room, grab your roller, and get done with it. Once you are finished with the base color, it’s time to show your creativity by incorporating pastels. How to achieve this look? Simple, paint miniature rainbow prints on the accent wall or add a sprinkle of gold confetti or polka dots stickers in the corner or you can finish with the curtains with contrast colors. Create a cozy yet uplifting look through colors!  

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2. Imprint Personalized Touches to The Wall Art

Get your hands on your child’s drawings, paintings, and arts and have them framed. And what can be better than to get her handprint framed? This is the perfect way to introduce the sentimental aspect to her room. This personalized feature will always be her focal point as she evolves from a little girl to her pre-teens. 

You can find wall art on any online marketplace or you can get personalized wall art framed according to the theme of the room. Get inspirational quotes printed and framed. You can also have posters of her favorite fictional characters framed. Explore her interests and things that she has a sentimental attachment with and make them a part of her room that she sees every day. 

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3. Choose an Amazing Theme

If you are into themes, then the sky is the limit when choosing one for your little girl’s room. Themed rooms can range from low-key to outrageous. It’s up to you as to what extent you want the theme to be implied or pulled off. If you choose a princess theme for your girl, you can stick to pink color and ruffles and go for a princess tower for the effect.

Other popular themes to choose from would be unicorn or rainbow themes. Honestly, which girl would not be crazy about a whimsical unicorn with the combination of most loved colors to go with that theme? Think about murals when following a theme for decorating a room. But murals can be an expensive extravagance. By the time you’re done, everything should mesh up with each other; like the color scheme of the room and the accessories should go in nicely with the theme well. 

4. Decide the Layout

Planning the layout of the room is the essential most part of decorating a room. Calculate the size of the room, keep in mind the placement of the windows and their sizes. Planning the curtains according to the size of the widows and the wall where the windows are placed is of key importance. Light flowy curtains are always preferred as they let in more light and make the room bright and cheery.

Next up is the placement of the bed and the craft station. Again it is very important to place the bed according to the location of the windows, main door, and wardrobe. Planning the layout of the room, which primarily means arranging the furniture, in a way that it should scream comfort is the key to going about!

5. Prefer the Furniture That Compliments the Room Size

When choosing a bed, your options are nearly infinite, ranging from regular beds to triple bunk beds –  from twin to queen sizes, and the list goes on. Always keep the size of the room and your girl’s current height in mind while choosing the bed. Don’t opt for a bed size that is bigger than what is required. The more area they have for free play, the better it will be. So always keep a minimalist approach when it comes to furnishing your child’s room. A queen or king-sized bed is too big for little children, taking up most of the space. A double bed is always the safest bet. It does not take up a lot of room and can accommodate sleepovers. Your child will also feel secure in a snuggly cozy bed. 

If you have a really small space, you can invest in a bunk bed. Bunk beds are always a dream for adventurous kids and are a great way to save space. You can also search for a loft bed that has a bed on the upper deck and a play area or a workstation on the lower. A great space saver, yet every child’s dream. A win-win kind of situation for both! And same goes for the rest of the furniture. Your eyes need a resting spot and that can be achieved if the room is not overly decked up!

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6. Add Clever Storage

Quick tidying up for a kid’s room calls for clever storage. De-cluttering has never been easy once you add a clever storage solution to the room. A cute vintage trunk (if you are using a travel theme for your child’s room) placed near the bed can store unwanted pillows or cushions, throws, or blankets without giving the room a messy look. 

Jazz up the storage game by injecting small cane or wicker baskets for storing up toys which your child is fond of and prefers to play daily with. Another great storage place is shelves. Build simple shelves to provide room for books if your child is an avid reader or loves a bedtime story! Shelves are also great for displaying your child’s favorite toy collection.

7. Transform the Mood of the Room by Adding Lighting Accents

We have to admit that the perfect lighting accent, when induced in room décor, changes the whole look and the mood of the room. The right amount and the placement of the lights can uplift the mood and for a growing child, it is very important that she grows up in a cheerful environment rather than a gloomy one.

You can pick a chandelier (friendly for a child’s room decor) if you want to go for extravagance. Otherwise, keep it simple and opt for a cane or rattan weave pendant light which will go with any color scheme you might have picked. 

Night lights are very important in your girl’s room. They give the room a warm, cozy, and homely look at night, making the child feel secure and resulting in a sound and peaceful sleep. A cloud-shaped night light or a whimsical table lamp are great examples of good night lights. 

Adding a chunky string of fairy lights is a must in every girl’s room which can be draped over the curtains or across the bed if it has a canopy. Your girl will surely love them as they give a festive look all the time. Another plus: they are super easy to install! You can find ideas for trendy lamps and holders here.

8. Build a Personalized Sung Corner With that One Special Piece of Furniture

Close your eyes and imagine your childhood. You will have countless memories of the playtime, pretending to be a character from a movie or a book and then choosing a favorite corner of your room to be your field. Well here’s your chance to create that space for your girl where she can play, grow and experience wonders through imagination. Build a den, a play area, or a reading nook! Anything that your girl prefers. Just build that special corner where your girl can have a play of her dreams and be what kids are best at…being imaginative!

How can you achieve this? Simply by placing a teepee or a canopy over nicely placed chunky cushions which can also serve as a mini napping area. Accessorize the whole thing with fairy light, stuffed toys, and lots of cute cuddly cushions! While making the corner, comfort should be the first and foremost thing to be kept in mind.

Hands down, this would be your little girl’s favorite area; a personalized snug corner with that one special piece of furniture that is the child’s go-to corner in the room.

9. Choose the Bedding that is Inviting and Comforting

Lots of cushions and soft linen! You want your girl sleeping soundly and maximize her chances of sweet dreams on the fabric that doesn’t rash her sensitive skin. Preference should be comfort which can be achieved through good quality fabrics that provide durability and comfort. 

It’s also crucial to pick the correct sheet size, especially one that fits the mattress well. You wouldn’t want the sheets to slip off and disturb her sleep nor you would want to go through the stress of fixing the sheets more frequently. Most importantly, let your girl be a part of picking from the ones you have narrowed down.

Pick comforter styles that are fun for the day and simple to remove for bedtime. Make sure that the colors and the design you pick for the bedding mesh well with the color scheme or theme of the room. Put emphasis on fun without sacrificing style!

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10. Don’t Forget to Build a Craft Station

A kid’s room without a craft station is simply incomplete. Investing in a workstation means investing in your kids being organized in homework at an early age. More importantly, arts and crafts help build great motor skills in the early years of development.

There are tons of budget craft station ideas that can also serve as great organizers. You just have to make up your mind about your preferences. Placing a magnetic board, pegboard, or chalkboard on the wall above the desk goes so well together and serves a great purpose for your child’s activity. To store the artwork and the art supplies, invest in good organizing baskets for easy usage and even easier tidying up. 

11. Accessorize Well

What’s an ice cream sundae without the whipped cream and cherry topping? Exactly! Incomplete. The same is a room well-furnished but not accessorized!

To start off with, get a good rug that goes well with the color scheme or the theme of the room. Add accessories that are playful yet imaginative. How may you achieve that? A simple unicorn-shaped or rainbow neon light will elevate the whole look of the room in terms of being imaginative in style and yet keeping it fascinating for a child’s mind.  

Count on a playful clock in the room for the child to develop an appreciation for the importance of time at such a tender age. Get her name laser cut on acrylic or wood and place it on a shelf or hang it on a wall. Placing cute shaped and pastel colors cushions on the bed is another great way to add that extra oomph to the whole room’s look. A cloud or a rainbow-shaped cushion would look great in a kid’s room! 

When it comes to decorating your girl’s room, you need to design it in a way that can grow with your girl from the time she is an infant to the time she is a teenager. After all, it’s about making sure that the space reflects her charisma.

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