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Accent Furniture Ideas to choose the best accent Piece. Must have Accent Furnitures Guide.

A table, a chair a bowl of fruit, a violin; what else does a man need to be happy? – Albert Einstein. 

Accent furniture is an item of furniture that is different from the rest, a unique piece that imparts contrast to the surroundings. It is used to make the place vibrant and lively from dull and drab. There is so much that you can do with the given options as follows. Let’s look at some important pointers in order to get yourself a perfect and much-needed accent piece to make your home more beautiful than ever. 

Do not leave your walls blank

It is a great way to utilize the empty spaces in your homes and create a new dimension, an extraordinary appearance as a by-product. Any home, either small or grand, is made of walls and, it is the walls that have ears and a lot of empty space that can be decorated. Your intricately decorated walls can straight up change the whole outlook of your home. So, do not leave your walls empty and decorate them with pretty accent items. You can decorate your walls as follows: 

  • Go for unique patterns on your wall. The accenting world doesn’t only limit to pretty colours, but colourful patterns also come under the category.
  • Do not shy away from the bold colours they can make your walls look attractive and pretty and increase the appeal of the whole place. 
  • Do not think twice about colouring just one or two walls of a neutral setting it would give a unique ring and appearance to the place.
  • Consider the surroundings. It is important to add contrast but, you should not create a mess. Be mindful of the colour scheme of the surroundings as well.
  • Go for a traditional gold, silver, or chic and modern Gray, black. It all depends upon the theme and furniture in the room that you are trying to decorate.
  • Consider different textural surfaces for your walls because the appearance and feel of the wall can also be a crucial factor and making your place extra unique and appealing. 
  • Following is the list of different accent items that you can use to decorate your walls, in addition to the pretty colour scheme that you have decided to go with.

Mirror on the wall

There are so many accent mirror varieties that you can decorate your homes with. You can make your home pretty and also look at your own pretty self while passing through the room. The common choices for accent mirror are discussed below.

But, before diving into some fancy and unique choices, let’s consider a simple round pretty mirror with golden edges. Because the simple, the better! These round-shaped simple mirrors will go with every kind of setting and theme. It can give you a traditional appearance or stylish vibe, depending on where you hang it and the furniture theme of the area. 

Other options for wall mirrors include the following list of choices: 

• Mirrors with wooden edges sound cool too. 

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A trendy piece of Art

Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness – Anni Albers. 

Art can make any place unique in appearance. You can choose any piece of art to decorate your walls. Following is some of the ideas of art for your homes. 

Full Coverage

A wall-to-wall mural makes your place come to life, creating a sense of intimacy and togetherness. You can get it for your wall and really make your house stand out from the rest in your lane. 

Pretty patterns

Anything from a unicorn to an extensive tree with various branches can come under wall art and can add a little extra sass to your room and house. From pretty small flowers to birds sitting on a big tree, anything can work if you are willing to try. 

From 2D to 3D

A unique 3D pattern of boxes and squares can add another dimension to your home. Add 3D posters of stairs stepping downward or upward to get a unique element to your place. 

Abstract your heart out

You can make art on your walls by yourself too. Who says Picasso was the only best artist? You can explore your inner artist too. And when would the walls of your home come in handy. Those walls are the big canvases for you to showcase your talent. Get your brushes and get abstracting.

Doodle it

Art does not have to make sense; it just has to look pretty. If you are one of those people who start doodling on the side of their notebooks when bored, then this is for you. Get some colorful markers or simple black one and get doodling. Why waste money when you can doodle yourself to an extraordinary and distinct place. 


You can get distinctive posters with quotes to decorate your walls as well. Like “You can sit with us” in the lounge and “We nap down here” on top of your bedroom. There are so many ideas you can try. Any quote from your favorite author or actor can also work like, “I am Batman…!” 

Photo frames

Our Recommendations

If you want to learn about wall decor in more detail, check my article The guide in getting the perfect wall decor

Photos are a way of capturing memories. You can never have enough photos and, you can showcase the ones closest to your heart on your walls. Get pretty photo frames that can add your pictures, every time you walk past them, you will remember the good times. You can get a wallpaper of a tree with its extensive branches spreading out and a wooden photo frame at the end of each branch. Make a hierarchal flow of your family from your great grandparents to your children. And in the meantime, give life and creativity to your place. 

Accent Chairs

There is a lot of variety among Accent chairs that you can get to relax and also decorate your homes. Following is the list of items for accent chairs: 

  • Lounge Chair
  • Slipper Chair
  • Wingback Chair
  • Parsons Chair
  • Balloon Chair
  • Barrel Chair
  • Papasan Chair
  • Chester Field Chair
  • Convertible Chair
  • Butterfly Chair
  • Armchair

Among us two, in addition to the above options, you can go a little unconventional and buy a hammock chair to enjoy and relax in it. 

How cool would that look right?

Accent Tables

You can get an accent table to keep your coffee or tea mugs and for playing chess. Also, decorate your home with it. Following is the list of kinds of accent furniture you can get for your place. 

• Accent table of white wood
• Accent table with top and white in colour
• Accent table with scalloped shape
• Trendy Side Table with modern appearance 
• A cute side table with Natural Wood 
• And a unique modern table with glass, a modern black table.


Small stools can be of use to decorate the surrounding. They can also be used to sit on, in case of unexpected guests and not enough space. Get cute small stools of various colors. Following is some of the options for you to go through:

• A white-colored stool made of velvet stuff.
• The cutest Fuzzy white Ottoman to rest your feet and head
• A black trendy stool to fit any setting
• A white fur decorated silver stool.

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Other accessories and decorations

In addition to the above discussed extensive options, you can explore through. Get yourself other accessories that would make your accent furniture more attractive. These can help you decorate your home and reflect your unique taste. 


Is accent lamp different from other lamps? 

An accent lamp is smaller than an ordinary lamp usually around 20 inches or less in height. Kept on small side tables, can spice up the whole arrangement.

Accent lamps with their small size and intricate designs, throw white or yellow shades on the objects in the surrounding. They can really make a difference with their shadow. You can see the difference by turning the lamp on and off. The radiant luminescence of a lamp would make everything twinkle and look prettier than before. 


Green color has soothing effects on our eyes and can impart relaxation to our mood. It helps us relax and enjoy the view. Greenery and plants are a very unique and decent way to decorate your home. You can get plants like a small Bonsai tree or a large one with pretty flowers and extensive leaves. You can decorate other accent pieces with the greenery like a creeping vine can be used to decorate lamps and mirrors. You can use it to decorate your Television sets too. You can also use pretty flowers along with greenery to give your place a divine look. Getting a plant is the best option as it decorates your home and refreshes the surroundings. You can get free oxygen and clear the toxicity from the air plus add a little color to your home. Natural green plants go equally well with a neutral setting as well as other color schemes. 


You can buy rugs to go with the color of the surroundings and also for adding comfort to your place. Rugs made of wool and velvet are the most comfortable ones. You can sit on the rug and work on your laptop while resting your back on the sofa. Soft rugs are comfortable to sit and relax on. They have a therapeutic effect when you run your toes through soft stuff of the rug.

Pillows and throws

Pillows are the second name of comfort and, you can never have enough comfort and pillows in your home. You can choose pillows and cushions with pretty colors and shapes. Pillows and cushions come with cute quotes and stickers too. You can use them to decorate any chair and sofa you like. You just need to find contrast or a combination of colors that work. You can use pillows with silk covers to get a smooth surface. You can get the ones with wool or velvet to get the softest touch and the most relaxing feel. So, get yourself a pillow or a dozen of them, depending on what you think is enough. You can buy new covers made of velvet and wool to renew the old cushions if you want to save some extra money. 

Lights and fairy lights

You may not know that lights can be very important in changing the outlook of the whole place. You can make any place from boring to vibrant and joyful using a carefully thought color combination of fairy lights. 

Get some cotton, cut it into small pieces, attach it with glue on your ceiling and decorate it with fairy lights. The silver and blue color of fairy lights will shimmer from those clouds of cotton. It would present the most mesmerizing view of the ceiling and would help you fall asleep quicker. Plus, would make your room so pretty and distinguished from all the rest. 

  • You can use fairy lights to decorate your accent mirrors so they would light up in the dark. 
  • You can use them to decorate your bedside table. The dim light from those tiny lights would help you work when your partner is sleeping, and you do not want to disturb them. 
  • They work on minimal electricity so; it would be costly to operate them either. 
  • You can use small bulbs to decorate your room too. 

Expert’s advice

Every room and place in a home has some memories and emotions related to it. Make those emotions stronger and memories happier. Any home can be renovated and refreshed by following simple steps and spending just a little money. So, book the accent piece that feels right and make your home better than before. This article is here to address all your needs, from planning to buying. Cheers! And yes, Happy Accenting!

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