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Some dazzling ideas for boys and girls shared bedroom

“When a brother and sister stand shoulder to shoulder, who stands a chance against them!”  

Bedrooms are generally considered to be the place where creating an environment that encourages sleep and calmness is vital. Mainly the whole emphasis is on the bedroom rather than any other living area. There is a tendency to keep the environment of the bedroom calm and relaxing as much as possible. 

Why have a shared bedroom for siblings? 

Somehow, in most households, everybody has their bedroom. It is widely believed that siblings must have separate bedrooms when they reach a certain age like 10 is generally considered to be an age limit when they must split their areas of sleeping. This is because at this growing age they need some privacy to understand themselves which is inevitable for a growing child. As children grow up they might need more privacy and want their own space, especially when they are sharing a bedroom with siblings of opposite or the same sex. That’s why it is recommended that at the age of 10 they must have their separate bedrooms. The average age of puberty for girls is 11 and the average age of puberty for boys is 12.  Before reaching that age they should live in separate rooms. 

“Kids of age below 10 can share their room with older siblings as they need much care!”

There are so many ideas for decorating a shared bedroom for both sexes but one should consider their budget and space to create a perfect look of the bedroom.

Shared bedroom suggestions for small rooms 

In some cases, kids share bedrooms with their siblings, when the family does not have a large enough house to adjust to a large family. If you have a family of 6 members having kids in a small house you can consider the following ideas to utilize your space. For growing families, a shared room for kids might be a necessity. You can also get some super helpful ideas about how to manage staff in a small space with this article 21 small spaces hacks and storage ideas to Maximize Small Spaces

  • Try to minimize the stuff in the shared bedroom 

By reducing the items in the room you can make a room feel larger and reduce clutter. Things that are not necessary for a kid’s room must be removed like windows with long strings, cords,  unstable heavy furniture such as heavy artwork, bulky mirrors, or any other breakable metal tv set. 

  • A room divider  

For the sake of privacy for your kids, divide the bedroom into equal spaces to avoid conflict between them. For example, a bookshelf can be placed in the middle of the room to divide the space in half and give them their own separate space to use.

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Headboards can be utilized to maximize the storage capacity 

If the space is small, and you can not place the bookshelves of each kid in the shared bedroom then the best option is to utilize the headboards of their beds. A headboard that has a capacity for things to be displayed is the best pick for kids to display some of their favorite items like their medals, awards, stuffed toys, memorable pictures, handmade drawings, paintings, and whatever they like. They also can place their books on the headboards. 

“Some fairy lights or LED lights can add an amazing spark to the kid’s bedroom.”

Aside from small rooms, if you want to get some information about how to manage space for small bathrooms, hacks in this article would be super helpful. Some super easy to follow hacks and ideas to decorate small Bathrooms

  • L_Shaped layout of the furniture

You can utilize a small bedroom for more than one kid if you arrange the furniture strategically. It will make the room feel larger. You can do so by lining up the bed against the wall in an “L” shape. You create a lot of space by doing this. To save more space, place one of your kids’ beds in a loft!

  • Trundle beds

A trundle bed is the best option for small bedrooms. Trundle beds are those which are compact bed frames and another little mattress-like bed can fit underneath that bed. You can utilize the space for daytime by rolling the bottom bed underneath the big one to create more space for games and playtime, then pull it back out at night when it’s time to sleep.

  • Bunk beds with storage;

There is a huge variety of designs for cool bunk beds. A bunk bed with storage is a good solution that can fit your needs! They can allow a great space for playtime. A bunk bed with a storage capacity like some drawers and side drawers that can fit on the walls with the help of a drill increases floor space and leaves more space for playing. 

  • Always remember less is more; 

Mothers have the special tendency of obsession with cute little things which they find satisfactory for their kids. Piling up the material is not a good idea rather it makes the place more stifling and congested. Try to use storage solutions like shelves, totes, or toy chests and only place the necessary furniture so the kids can play more.

Some wonderful ideas for a shared bedroom  for siblings( boy and girl)

It can be a tough task to divide the shared bedroom of your kids. Sometimes the main issue is how to manage the small space or sometimes it can be color themes because each gender has its priority for colors. You may have twins or kids of different ages who love to live with their siblings. To avoid any fuss you can work smartly by following these mentioned ideas. Any room, either girls’ or boys’ can be made better and more appealing by the addition of some awesome flowers, and this article is all about that How I achieve a perfect spring look with faux flower

  • Give a try to neutral colors 

Neutral colors include beige, gray, brown, white, black, and cream; they complement secondary and primary colors. You can create a perfect blend by mixing these colors with primary or secondary colors like red with white, blue with white, to make a range of other colors.

When it comes to boys’ and girls’ shared bedroom ideas you can apply a neutral color scheme to their shared room so they can decorate their sides according to their wishes. The off-white color is generally considered to be a good fit for a small room as it creates a sense of wide space. 

  • Themed Bunk beds with curtains 

Bunk beds are a good idea for small shared bedrooms as it makes a sense of the wider room. Try to install curtains on each bed for the sake of privacy for your kids. It is a useful suggestion because if one wants to go to sleep early before the other, in that case, he or she can pull the curtains over and can enjoy a good sleep.

  • Use a canopy for some privacy 

Covering the one bed or both beds with a canopy over them can create an illusion of separate spaces for kids which makes them feel they have their own distinct spaces. This idea is especially good for kids of the opposite sex.

  • Choose theme beds for each gender

After following the above-mentioned ideas you can add some fun to your kid’s room by placing themed bunk beds for both kids. Try to choose a girly theme like a Disney princess, unicorns, flowers, butterflies, and so on. The same is the case when choosing boys’ beds. Try to choose a boyish theme like a superhero, racing cars, avengers, football theme, and so on. 

  • Encourage individuality for both kids 

Let the kids choose their room accessories according to their taste. Each kid should be provided with the facility to decor their sides as they want. Wall posters, cushions, pillows, bedsheets, rugs, colors, and so on. 

Shared Room Ideas for siblings (only for boys)

Boys want superhero themes or racing car themes. You can also go for some other themes such as legos, sports decor, etc. Always choose a theme that is easy to handle and the kids can manage to keep their room clean by themselves. If your kids are picky at selecting the theme then you must go for an easy theme like; animal and sports themes are the best solutions for small bedrooms. 

“Use trundle beds instead of two separate beds if the room is too small.

You can roll down the small bed underneath the big one in the daytime just to increase the space for playtime. Make the room well decorated, storage-friendly, and make the space that keeps your boys happy!

  • Room decorating ideas for different age groups

Maintaining a room for the same age group is not as hard then maintaining a room for kids of different age groups. It is a really hard challenge more than it sounds. You have to manage according to each age group. Use these tips to decorate the room if your kids are far apart in age, their needs, and taste for a bedroom might be largely different.

  • Place the bed of the youngest kid  closest to the door ;

If your kids are sharing a room and one of them is far younger than the other let’s suppose the difference is 5 to 7 years then you should place the bed of the youngest kid near to the door. This idea is actually for a purpose that is not to disturb the sleep of the other kid if the youngest kid gives you a tough time when it’s time to sleep. Placing the baby crib near the door helps you to get to a disturbed baby instantly.

  • Vintage theme 

The declaration for two different age groups is a hectic task. Try to apply the vintage theme to the shared bedroom as it fits wells for all group ages. It gives an aesthetic look and a sense of calmness and cohesive space. You can more detailed guidance and ideas on how to decorate the boys’ room to perfection, this article would certainly help. Boy’s Room Decoration Tips

Shared room decorating ideas for girls 

Girls are sweet and cooperative but they are also very choosy when it comes to their room. If you have two or more daughters sharing the bedroom does not mean that they all want the same theme. If they are all grown up and can make decisions it is better to ask them to choose their bedroom themes by themselves. Generally, girls love to pick the themes of pink, purple. These colors are their favorites. The most common themes around the world are Disney Princess, Unicorns, flowers, and many others like these. Try to utilize the room for your sweet angels by following the mentioned tips below ;

  • Add names in decoration 

Girls usually love the things which have their names on them like the fizzy drink bottles having the names of different people is most likable all over the world. Try to add names on pillows, cushions, wall hangers to make each girl feel special. These cute efforts make the room more presentable and lovable by kids.

This is a natural urge that you love the things which relate to you. In that sense, kids will keep them clean with greater care.

  • Use desks or bookshelves to divide the area equally

You can use study desk tables, cupboards, and bookshelves as a divider just to break the space equally for each kid. Dividing the space can prevent many conflicts among kids as each kid wants to utilize its space according to its will.

  • Bunk beds for girls 

Try to place a bunk bed with a storage capacity to make the space for playing. Themed bunk beds are very beautiful and can increase the beauty of the room. Always pick sophisticated and less complicated beds if the kids are very young. White and pink themes are very trendy these days.

  • Use adequate lighting

Lighting can add a spark to everything. It brings life to a dull room and creates a sense of fun environment. Use fairy lights, pom lights, LED lights, multi-color lights if the room has a neutral theme. You can also decorate the ceiling with galaxy lights which look great at nighttime. 

“Galaxy lights have their extra charm to brighten up the room in a little more trendy way!!!”

For getting some more cute and easy-to-follow ideas on decorating girls’ bedrooms, this article is what you need. Make Your Little Girl’s Room Special With These Ideas

  • Apply sunshine and rainbows theme 

Girls are sweet and they are attracted to sugary and shiny things. They love the shimmer and shine all around them. Use these things as well in decoration. You can create a beautiful place for girls by applying these themes to their beds, walls, and dressing tables. Try to make the bedrooms for your girls as sweet as they are. Some themed cushions are very trendy; you can order them online or make them customized to fit well with your theme.

Experts’ Advice 

Early life bondage and friendship between siblings can go a long way in later life and can create a sense of responsibility in siblings towards each other. It also helps your children get more social, confident, and creative as compared to the kids tucked away separately. Living together sharing stuff from an early age develops a good habit of doing selfless deeds for each other later in life. So for the future of your children, it’s important to get the best and most appropriate environment for them. So let’s decorate your kids’ rooms just like they like it. 

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