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Accent Chairs or Tables for Living Room, Tips for Picking up the Perfect Accent Furniture

que mood. This can be achieved in the form of colors, style, or patterns.

Make use of the awkward empty spaces

Does your kitchen have an idle corner that looks queer from the surroundings? Do you get scared from the empty side of your room and, you fear there might be a ghost there? Make use of that empty space to make your place more appealing to your eyes and your guests.

You can use accent furniture to add color and contrast to the space of the room. For example, adding a red chair to your room will create a lively contrast with the white furniture. It could be any piece of furniture, like a dark brown coffee table or a bright green dressing table. The functionality of the furniture is not the main concern here but to fill the empty spaces with the unique color.

Types of accent furniture 

Some of the common items used as accent furniture are given below for you to go through and get a preliminary idea about the kinds of furniture you can get. 

  • Accent and Storage Benches
  • Gaming table and chairs
  •  End table with Storage
  • Ottoman
  • Bar or Kitchen Cart
  • Plants Stands
  • Jewelry Boxes 
  • Jewelry Armories
  • Accent Cabinets and Chests
  • Accent Chairs
  • Accent tables
  • Shelves and Bookcases
  • Screens and Room Dividers

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Things to ponder over

Buying a piece of furniture could be costly. So before spending a fortune, you need to analyze your criteria for an item by keeping in mind the following things:

What exactly are you looking for in accent furniture

Buying a piece of furniture is like a small investment. The first thing is to check with your heart and wife, what is it that you want for accent furniture like as, if you have a sofa set in one room then you need a small unique chair to add a twist or another small sofa to contrast the other one. This point is for you to decide before spending your hard-earned cash.

Not just a pretty face

Although the main purpose of accent furniture is to add to the appearance of the space. It does not have to play any role but, you can make it purposeful. For example, an accent table in a big lounge can be useful in case of an unplanned guest visit. Storage boxes can look pretty on the outside and used to store stuff on the inside.

Theme and purpose of your space

Any place that you want to decorate needs to be accessed for its theme. You cannot put a stylish piece of furniture like modern turntables into a contemporary setting. Space and the purpose of its use are also crucial in choosing the furniture for it. If you have a home office where you have frequent meetings, you cannot keep a blushing pink chair there just because it goes with it

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Location and traffic flow

The location of your accent furniture should be thought of carefully. You do not want it to be the focal point of the room. It should be an addition that makes the other items more visible. The traffic flow is also crucial because you do not want to keep your furniture where everyone has to pass. The purpose of accent furniture should be to sit in silence and look pretty. It should not be something that creates more clutter. It should impart uniqueness and clarity to the surrounding.

Color combination

A good color combination for your surroundings is of utmost importance. It can have many outcomes on our mental health. Proved by science and psychology, colors can affect us in many ways. They can make us active and energetic or calm and relaxed. So, the color of accent furniture should be thought of very carefully in order to get the maximum out of it.

Some of the pretty color combinations that can be of assistance to you are as follows:

  • Olive green color contrasting with cream and black background.
  • Crisp white and black setting with gold contrast.
  • Off white and wood tones with Navy contrasting in the surrounding.
  • Cool grey and bright with turquoise as a color for an accent item.
  • Dusty old rose color with charcoal setting and citrus green item contrasting with the surrounding.
  • Cloud grey shades with mustard as a contrast.
  • As a contrast cornflower, and tangerine with the white accent item.
  • Cottage white and Taupe with goldenrod colored item as contrast.
  • Cream and white color with bright pink tarnish and muted blue contrast.
  • Soft red and khaki surroundings with Navy blue contrast.
  • Off white and smoky black with a red accent item.
  • Brick red and brownish color with lime green contrast.

Determine your budget.

Determining how much you are willing to spend to fill up the empty space will reduce your options. It will set the limit of the choices you can make and money you can spend. Sometimes a simple chair can light up your room rather than an expensive couch.

There are certain tips and tricks that you can follow to get yourself a piece of accent furniture despite a tight budget:

  •  You can repaint or change the fabric of an old piece of furniture.
  •  You can raid a yard sale and find a single piece of lonely chair that you can take home.
  • You can swap a chair with your friend so that you both can get an accent piece of item to go with other chairs.
  • You can get low price furniture item and make it more expensive by getting a change of fabric like leather and wool. These fibers have an expensive outlook to them.
  • Or you can save little by little by avoiding those unnecessary fast-food cravings and eating out. Get yourself expensive pieces of furniture that would stay with you longer than the food you would have wasted your money on. 

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Height is a crucial factor in choosing a piece of accent furniture because you don’t want it to overshadow other items. It should complement and contrast with the surroundings and not stand as an odd one out. It should not be too heightened as compared to the other pieces and not too small that it is not even visible in the room.

Material and fabric

There are many different fabrics that have different appeals and pros and cons to them. It is up to you to decide what quality is more important to you and then go with that option.


Leather is expensive, looks luxurious and feels superior. It looks super amazing in your place wherever you put it. It can last longer and does not absorb liquid. Very easy to maintain and clean, durable material and does not absorb the smell of smoke. But it is a bit hard compared to other fabrics, so the leather is a bit of a compromise on comfort. It has a tanned kind of skin that can crack and split easily with sharp objects like car keys in your pocket. It is an expensive material and, it would take a considerable amount of investment.


A microfiber that can be found in many colors and easily blends in with the surrounding. It gives an attractive and expensive feel. This makes polyester a popular choice for accent furniture. It is a very comfortable fabric and is stain resistant. It does not absorb smells like other breathable fabrics but, it can also crack under extensive temperature change and is flammable so watch out for accidental fires around it. It has a tensile property and can stretch over time and get loose.


It is a petroleum-based fiber that is very durable. It can easily adjust in the places where it moves around frequently so, it lasts longer and is worth every penny. It looks and feels like wool. Olefin gives an expensive appearance to the furniture and comes in pretty colors. It is made of melted plastic and so is water-resistant. It is resistant to fire and chemicals. It can be cleaned easily with bleach. But the stains of oil are hard to remove. The fiber can become brittle from exposure to sunlight and that is not what we want.


Wool is quite common in the making of all kinds of stuff. It is soft and warm and is very comfortable. It has excellent insulating properties. It would keep you warm in winters and cool in summers. It is also equally friendly and fire and water-resistant. It does not fade or wrinkle. After all of these pros, it has one big con that it is expensive. But it would make up for its high prices by giving you the utmost comfort and quality.

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Materials of the furniture

Following is the list of common materials used in the making of accent and other kinds of furniture such as:

  • Wood 
  • Plastic 
  • Metal 
  • Steel 
  • Aluminum
  • Lumber 
  • Glass
  • Plywood
  • Resin 
  • Concrete 
  • Sawdust 
  • Cast Iron 
  • Brass 
  • Marble 
  • Cork
  • Latex

Decorating neutral setting

There are many neutral settings that you can add a twist to with those accent furniture items. Some of the ideas are as follows:

Shades of Grey

A sitting area with different shades of grey gives a very modern and chic appearance. This neutral setting can be dazzled with light brown or green items of furniture that would bring the place to life.

Black and white

Black and white gives a simple yet striking appearance. It can be made better by olive green or a mustard-colored item. A mustard table or chair decorated with black cushions. 

Nothing but white

White neutral places can be made better and added more flair to with mirrored and metallic surfaces. You can go for brass or gold accents, silver or chrome, black or iron details that would complement the neat white color of your place.

Gray and white

You can add more glam to your grey and white living room by adding a small intricate piece of expensive furniture decorated with crystals and gold finish. Or go for a brown leather chair to tie the whole place as one against a gray and white combination.

Colorful conundrum

You can throw in some colorful small cushions in your neutral white and black place to add more color and energy to it and make it livelier. Or, you can add a chair or two of yellow, red, blue or purple color depending on your mood.

These are just some of the ideas that you can play around with and make your place unique and distinctive for guests and yourself.

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Experts Advice

Accent furniture is a very useful idea to rejuvenate your old drab-looking rooms and homes. And with the help of this article, you can find the perfect piece that would go with your surrounding and make your place better than ever. Happy Accenting!

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