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Which color is best for the home exterior paint?

“Home is the shelter from storms, all sorts of storms”

A home is a place, where all the happiest moments of life begin. It not only shelters us but also the feelings of affiliation, warmth, love, privacy, security. A lovely place where the family members can come together and circumvent all the worries of the outside world. Especially for children, a home is the most valuable place where they reach their adulthood from childhood.

Besides this, the exterior of the house is as important as the interior of the house. To some extent, The taste of the owner of the house can easily be explicit through the exterior of his or her house. People do their best to get an excellent exterior that suits their personalities. you might have seen the varied designs of the house, painted contrarily. The exterior is significant because it gives life to your home with its outside appearance. It also matters for the protection of your home. The material, design, paint, all these things, and their quality matter a lot. The exterior design of the home must protect the interior from outside factors such as dirt, heat,  light, humidity, etc. 

Tips for choosing exterior paint colors.

I sincerely recommend you to keep the following tips in consideration while choosing the exterior design of your home.

Because the first impression is always the outside look of the home. After that, comes the interior, the furniture of the home, and anything else that belongs to your home.

Consider your home architectural Style and Era

As we look back at the age of the 18th century we will notice that the landscape of the residency was a bit larger with higher ceilings. By the early 18th century, residents began to build side passages, double-pile houses.  There was the opening of one room into another room.

From the mid 18th century to the 19th century, the industrial revolution took place and modernization emerged from the bottom to the peak. The industrial upheaval helped the masonry and provided them with the new luxuries of the modern lifestyle. The exterior of the house also goes under a different evolutionary process. The exterior got changed with time.  If we compare the contemporary and middle ages we will find different evolutionary changes between that time of exterior designs and the current exterior. In ancient ages, the people possessed a larger landscape as compared to today. Aside from the exterior of your home, if you want to find the best color scheme for your living room, this article would be super helpful Best Paint Color Options For Living Room, Goes With All Type Of Decor

Today we witness a large number of sky-high buildings, apartments, and societal luxury home buildings of the same sequence and design. While selecting the exterior of your home you must pay heed to your surroundings. Nowadays the most common materials include wood-based, gypsum, plywood sheathing, made from whole sheets of wood that are cross-laminated. This helps with the expansion and contraction.

Bricks and block, aluminum sheets for adding a modern touch to the exterior. 

Different varieties of paints that can be used in the exterior 

  • Acrylic emulsion paint
  • Exterior grade paint
  • Matte or satin finish paint

are considered as the best and most trendy material for the exterior of the home today. Nowadays, geometrical designs are in fashion. Even the small houses are beautifully constructed.

Consider your Neighbors. 

Neighbors play an important role in your life more frequently than relatives because the proximity level is greater than the relatives. A healthy relationship with your neighbors can lead to a comfortable life.

Be a good neighbor, one thing you should know is that when choosing a  paint color for home is what colors are present in the rest of the surroundings of your neighborhood. If you do not want to match with the rest of your surroundings at least the color of your exterior should not wildly clash with the rest of your houses.

It’s okay to stand out but always go for a good way and do not make your house a kooky house on the block!!.

You can paint your home in pretty colors and host a gathering party, and if you are worried about your Patio getting dirty, this article would surely be of great help How To Get Rid Of Flies On My Patio. DIY Tips And Other Options.

The consideration of your neighborhood while selecting the exterior goes strong when your home is in a society. Society does not permit its residents to go even an inch out of its rules. They provide ready-made homes to their residents.

You must have to follow their instructions.

What if your neighbors have the same kind of paint or tiles? Would you like to go for a different style just to stand out as more audacious??

Umm!! The answer you have in your mind will express how master you are in dealing with home designing without neglecting other factors that have a vital influence on the outside look of your home. The harmony with neighbors can bring calm and consistency to the neighborhood.

Do not exceed the landscape you own!!

Consider the landscape around your house.

In a general sense, everything on your property that prevails outside of the home itself is a part of property landscaping. The purpose of the landscaping project is to utilize the outdoor space of your home for common uses like; Entertaining, dining, cooking, grilling, swimming, playing, gardening, and relaxing. You can create a perfect landscape in your home by keeping some super soothing and pretty plants in your home and this article has everything related to pointers for making your home more green 8 Must-Have Plants To Increase Oxygen Level in the House

Before you go to select the exterior paint do not forget to inspect the landscape outside of your home because if the home is painted well and the landscape area is entirely different this will not make any sense.

Everything must be in a logical symmetry. The asymmetrical exterior will drastically reduce the value of the house. 

If your home exterior is gray then the fence around your garden area should not be red or any other color that does not fit well with the gray as green, yellow, or orange. The most common color is white which goes well with the gray color.

Consider the colors of unpainted materials. 

Well, after all the hustle of selecting the right paint, one more thing which you should not neglect is to consider the color of the unpainted material of your house. The unpainted materials are those which you would not paint or leave as it is. The materials such as a chimney, a wooden door, a vinyl window, or a stone landscape. These materials often look better without getting painted. Natural things are all beautiful and mesmerizing, and to make the interior of your home more zen, this article is all you need A guide to make your home perfectly Zen  

Never choose the colors that don’t go well with the natural colors of these materials. Go for matching colors that fit well with the natural colors of the unpainted materials. If you have dark brown wooden doors then the light shades or nude colors will suit the exterior very well.  Always play with between different shades of the same color or go for possible color contrast among the colors of the color wheel.

You should not always rely on paint chips alone, buy a quart of paint and test it.

Some facts show that paint chips can not help very much. The color on the paint chip may appear different on the walls in a different way. Painting an exterior is the biggest effort. You should be very careful while selecting the paint. For this purpose, you should not only rely on the paint chips but also go for a quart of paint and test it on the wall so you may get an idea of how well this color matches the actual color you want to paint.

You should go for a color that fascinates you and gives satisfaction to you. However, if you are planning to sell your home after some time you should go for a neutral color for the exterior. While selecting the exterior design, go for some professional guidance, color palettes, etc. Some trending colors can add life to your home if you select them wisely, keeping in mind all the mentioned instructions;

Light Brown and dark brown combination for the exterior paint ;

Brown is associated with nature as it is the color of woods. It gives the vibes of warmth, stability, material wealth. Most often people like to go for those colors which keep them calm. Brown is one of those colors that are aesthetic and give the feel of Royalty. 

According to the architecture, people are widely favoring the wood-toned brown that has a natural look.

Light and dark brown exterior color is trending. for a perfect look try to paint the small walls, balcony, small textured details with dark brown, and the rest of the exterior with light brown as it won’t make the house look swarmed but the sense of harmony.

The multicolor scheme as the exterior paint 

Multicolor exterior? Does it sound good to you? Well, you would go on a long journey of thinking and bombarding questions like, is it a good idea to have some fun colors on the outside of my home?

What would it look like, having a multicolor outlook of my home? Would it be acceptable?. Well, the answer to your question is the right color contrast. Choosing the colors from primary and from secondary colors with an adequate balance of contrast among these colors. You can also go for multi-colors with their different tones.

Just play with the colors like an artist!! 

 While painting the exterior of your home with multi colors, please do not select all colors in a bright tone as the bright shades dazed the eyes. Your home’s exterior is important and so is the inside, especially the kitchen. If you want to get the best color combination for your kitchen, then this article would be the right thing to scroll down. Planning to Paint kitchen cabinets? How much does it cost? + tips and FAQs

The right way to use a multicolor scheme on your exterior

Always go for a three-shade or more diverse paint shades. Approximately, an exterior scheme contains three parts ;

Field color  ( which is the dominant color or the color of the majority part of your exterior).

Accent color ( the paint on doors, shutters, etc) is usually used on unpainted materials or small areas.

Trim colors ( well this color is used to paint edges, door casing, railings, and other trim work, but the importance of this color must not be neglected because the small detailing can bring huge effects and drastically change the whole outlook of the exterior).

So, after reading the above-mentioned characteristics of the different paints you can choose the right colors in multiple shades.

Immaculate contrast between field, accent, and trim colors

The field color is the color that covers a major area of your exterior. If you are willing to paint a dark field paint for the exterior the trim color must be of light shades. Let’s suppose if the field color is dArk gray then the trim color which includes the door casing, small details, for windows and roof edging must be in light shades. White color is the best combo with every shade.

Simply if the field color is of light shade then the trim color must be of dark shades. Let’s suppose if the field color is light almond then the door casing must be in darker shades. The contrast among these shades brings incredible harmony to the outlook of your home. Enhance your home’s exterior with amazing colors and outdoor accessories, and to get the perfect outdoor decor for your outdoor area, this article is here to help How to Buy Outdoor Furniture That Lasts

Dusty gray color as the exterior paint 

Gray is a most favorite color that has been largely preferred by people in most fields of life as well as the exterior of the home. Gray fits well with dark gray, black, pink, white, blue.

The most beautiful and sleek combination of gray is white as white is the symbol of peace, purity, and innocence. White is a bright color and also creates a sense of space, simplicity, and freshness.

Adequate way to use dusty gray color for the exterior

It comes in different shades. If you are willing to paint a dark tone of gray as the field paint for the exterior then the trim color must be in a light tone. For instance, the dark field color with light door casings, roof edges, and small detailing. Brown, white, neutral shades are the best possible combinations for a dusty gray exterior. Contrary, the light dusty gray with dark door casing, roof edges, and small detailing. Dark brown, dark gray, even black go well with light field color.

The color of unpainted materials should not be neglected in this whole scenario!

 Do not go for a color that does not fit well with natural shades of the unpainted material which is also called accent paint. Make your home exterior look marvelous with the above-mentioned tips.

Experts’ Advice

They say that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we still do, no matter how much we try to focus on the beauty that lies inside, we can fall prey to the shimmery glitters and pretty colors that are apparent. So, accepting the inevitable fact that the outside does matter, let’s make the outside of our homes the best one with some extraordinary color combinations. Happy coloring!

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