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Some extremely useful Design ideas to decorate your tiny bathroom

Everybody wants to change the world, but nobody wants to change the toilet paper! Be the change you want! ~ Anonymous. 

We spend a lot of time in the bathrooms. It’s where we relax and are alone with our thoughts.  Decorating your bathroom has been the most personal and important thing you do for yourself. The bathroom is like your very own private haven where you contemplate and think over most of your life decisions while performing other activities so it’s crucial to decorate and design your bathroom perfect for you. Some important pointers for you to follow are as follows. 

Think about your needs

While designing your bathroom it’s important first to determine what you want. If you have kids, they might sleep with you some days and would go to the bathroom as well. You need to make it kid-friendly. You need to assess the area if you have a small place, and if you have a bathroom with a bathtub and shower and toilet all in one place or a separate shower place and vice versa. It’s important to access these points because they will make a difference while decorating your place. Also, you need to think about what idea or style of theme you want to go for. It should coincide with the theme and style of your home. 

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Get inspired by other setups

It’s good to take inspiration from other places. Copying and being inspired are different things. You can get inspiration from hotels, restaurants, and any of your friend’s places. The grand hotels’ grand bathrooms would help you get a broader perspective and increase your vision. It will help you decide what you want in your bathroom and what looks extravagant. You can make your checklist of the decor and accessories that your bathroom needs. You can also get an idea about the color scheme, what color scheme looks good and what does not.

Make a list of what you need and browse through the internet to bookmark the pages and add things to the cart. While selecting the items make sure you take your theme into account. The theme should agree with your home decor. If it’s all modern, then the bathroom should be modern too. After the added necessities and products, make a list of things you need, and you would get a clear-cut perspective of all of your choices. 

Make smart storage places

The best way to stalk up all that is necessary for your bathroom is to make smart storage places. Small baskets can be kept in small spaces under the sink or corners. Get wall drawers and cabinets to keep the bathroom supplies so that they can be hidden perfectly inside and can be easily taken out when needed. One smart idea is to use foldable laundry bins made of cotton, woven, and sealed perfectly. These are washable, dry fast, you can keep your dirty laundry inside, and after washing them keep the washed clothes in the same. When not using these baskets, simply fold them and toss them in the drawer. Another innovation is a sink with drawers that can also save a lot of space. Glass shelves are another way to stalk up your shampoos and moisturizers. Glass shelves would look good as well. Target small spaces in between stuff like behind the mirror or under the toilet. You can keep your small bathroom cleaning supplies there. 

Avoid making a mess 

As small bathrooms are a little tight on space it is important to make smart choices. For a small bathroom, it would be wise to hold off on the bathtub. It would be wise to do so when you can have a standing shower. You can also go for an inflatable bathtub if and only if you have enough free space to fully pump it and enjoy the bath under the shower. You can pump out the gas, fold it, and keep it in one of the cabinets. Although it’s a time-consuming activity, it can be a possible replacement for a bathtub. Just avoid hot water in an inflatable tub.   For children’s bathrooms, it’s best to have an inflatable tub as it is small for kids and can be managed easily. Avoid adding other accessories too because the size is small, and you don’t want to make a mess.

Marble floors, tiles, and pretty mirrors

Either small or grand, bathrooms need mirrors. Mirrors are necessary so you can admire yourself in it when alone and take some cute selfies after getting ready for a party. While choosing a mirror you can either go for a traditional gilded mirror or stylish ornate mirrors. You can also choose a chic modern mirror or wooden framed simple mirrors. The marble floor would look pretty and neat in a bathroom. Marbles with their one-of-a-kind unique patterns would give out a beautiful soothing vibe to your bathroom. Tiling the walls is another good option to make your bathroom more appealing. The color of tiles can be chosen according to your theme. For a modern style go for muted colors. For Zen style go for earthy colors, for French decor go for white and beige color. These simple things would transform the outlook of your bathroom, especially the tiled walls. 

Faux plants and small wall decors 

Plants either faux or fresh, are important as they bring freshness and color to the place. Greenery imparts so many therapeutic impacts on us and makes our moods better. Keep a small plant in the corner or hang it from the floor using a hanging container. It would help you make smart use of little spaces. Wall decors can be fun and can also serve a purpose. For example, you can buy a super cool skeleton toilet paper holder. It would hold your toilet paper and add a unique funny twist to your bathroom. You can buy pretty toothbrush holders that stick to your walls. They would also decorate your place and save space on keeping needed stuff. To add an extra fun element, you can get paper and make funny quotes yourself like “People have gone to the moon and you’re still sitting here?” “I really think you should put a lid on it” or you can buy some as well. 

Light up your small bathroom to make it look bigger

Using lights in a smart way is a clever trick to make your bathroom look more spacious. For that purpose, use multiple light sources. Create layered lighting to make all the nooks and crannies perfectly lit up. It would not only make the place bright but also give an illusion of a bigger place. The light sources that you can use are ceiling lights, wall sconces, and hanging lamps. Lanterns can be hung in the corner to make the place more in-depth. The lanterns in the corner would be concealed out of sight so they won’t seem like clutter and also light up the place. You can also use fairy lights around your mirror to make a super cute decoration. Fairy lights would look surreal when other lights are turned off and you’re just taking a relaxing hot shower. 

Some important dos and don’ts you need to follow while decorating your bathroom

●       Don’t over-expect while decorating. Keep the layout in your mind while decorating your bathroom. You can’t change the pipeline fitting and water taps hence you cannot move your toilet or sink if you don’t like their current locations. You just are going to have to make your peace with it. 

●        Do juggle the light fixtures. You can change the color and intensity of the lights to increase or decrease the overall ambiance of your bathroom. And it can be refreshing to change the color from pure bright white or creamy white and then from bright golden to a bit gloomy golden. 

●        Do create a balance of cool and warm colors. If you are going for too much grey and white and black it would give out a cool vibe. To balance out the decor you can add more warm colors with light fixtures and decorative pieces like a golden gilded mirror or wall decoration. This is the belief called Feng shui which suggests that places with running water and metals can give out a cool Chi’ or energy, so it should be balanced with warm colors. 

●        Do create fun and exciting color profiles. Get some colorful shower curtains and rugs to add to your bathroom. Get some pink, red, yellow, and blue towels and stalk them onto the shelf in the bathroom. It would create a more detailed profile of your bathroom. 

●        Don’t be worried about getting a bleak outlook while choosing darker shades for your bathroom walls. You are free to experiment with dark grey, maroon, dark olive, or even black for your bathroom walls. Just make sure that you have enough light sources to properly light up your room. Plus, you can create a balance of dark colors with a white toilet, sink, and other add-ons. Nothing is ever wrong if your heart calls out to it. 

Some general tips and tricks 

●        Use scented candles infused with essential oils. They would make your bathroom smell super nice and save your money on air fresheners with chemicals and stuff. But if you are a fan of air fresheners then go for them. Use candle holders to place your candles so you don’t spill the wax everywhere in them. 

●        Have a proper ventilation system in the bathroom either small or large. The bathroom needs to be airy and not seem congested. Having a ventilation outlet would make even your small bathroom, not at all congested. 

●        Having rounds of direct sunlight in your bathroom is also important. Sunlight is miraculously useful in killing bacteria and other germs. Using chemicals and bleach is also an option. Sunlight can refresh the whole place. 

●        Put a reminder in your phone to change the toilet paper after a reasonable interval depending on your usage. It’s important because you don’t want to run out of toilet paper while being alone in your home. That can be awkward. 

●        In addition to the above-discussed ideas for storage, you can also do some out-of-the-box thinking and get some mason jars hanging with the fixtures and keep your necessary stuff in them. You can also get a hanging wire shelf to keep your towels and necessary supplies. These intelligent little ideas would help you save space. Keep a rack with multiple shelves behind the door of the toilet to keep your additional stuff and save space.

●        Be super organized and keep your bathroom neat. Small places can give messy vibes with just a little bit of clutter so it’s important to be composed more than usual. 

Clean your bathroom regularly. You can also clean it before taking a shower it would save you a lot of time as you would be efficient and take a relaxing shower in a clean bathroom. Take care of corners especially, they can get yellowish with permanent stains if not cleaned regularly. Clean the walls of your bathroom, cabinets, and corners of the sink, sides, and under the toilet. These places stay neglected while cleaning and can pose a health threat to you and your family as these hidden places can harbor many microbes that are not good for you

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Experts’ advice

Decorating your bathroom either tiny or not, is important because it is an important part of your home. A place should speak to its owner and every corner should make them feel like home. So, decorate your tiny bathroom with all the love you have and take care of it properly as it deserves. We are here to help you in any way we can. Happy decorating! 

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