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21 small spaces hacks and storage ideas to Maximize Small Spaces

“Small rooms for dwellings discipline the mind, large ones weaken it”. 

With increased industrialization in big cities, people come from their hometowns to the big and lavish cities and rent out or buy small condominiums and apartments. Similar is the case with students, some live in dorms of universities or rent out small apartments with combined expenses. With increased rates of real estate properties, it’s a great way to save money and live easily. But, living in a small space can sometimes be congested when you don’t have enough room to keep all your necessary supplies and items. I still remember the time I experienced the same adventure and rented out an apartment for a remote job. I developed and implemented some super useful hacks to manage the small space and enjoy easy mess-free living. I stacked some of the beneficial pointers down below to help you get your apartments, dorms, and condos in order. 

Use doors for more than just opening and closing rooms. 

Doors are an invention so useful I can’t imagine if the word privacy would exist without them. Doors are used to separate two areas from each other. But the space above the doors can be utilized to our advantage to keep stuff in a decorative and useful way. The small spaces on the top of the doors usually go unnoticed and you can easily add some organizers or hooks to keep small items like your favorite books or to hang small bags.  

Walls are a canvas for art and a free storage space 

Walls are the first thing I notice in a place, their color, the art on them, the style, and decorations. Walls can also be used to stack the necessary supplies that are used more often like lotions, beauty products, hairbrushes, and snack jars. You can easily keep these items on wall shelves. The pretty colors of the items kept on the shelves would add a stylish and colorful decorative element to the area and also save you some space. 

Get your items on a display with a pegboard 

They say it’s calm in the chaos, then why not bring the chaos in your cupboards and drawers to a calm and display them on your walls. Using a pegboard wall is super easy to not only save space but to create a unique and interactive space. You can hang and keep your often used and needed items on the peg wall like keys, helmets, handbags, googles, and other stuff. 

New multipurpose furniture

Now there are so many multipurpose furniture items that would transform your space into a stylishly futuristic look and save your space. A bed cum sofa, a table with foldable cushions, a roll-out drawer with desktop, and many more items. You can save space and also surprise your guests with your smart furniture. 

Make a stylish pattern of wall mounting 

Wall mounting is used to keep TVs, speakers, and other appliances. Their display on the wall is a better option rather than getting a new table to keep your TV and computers. You can simply use sturdy wall mounts in a specific pattern and display your appliance, saving space in the process. One thing that creates problems is the cables of these appliances. For that purpose, neatly use protective cable casings to attach to the wall. 

Use the hidden spaces under the sink 

Spaces are hidden under, above, and on the sides of sinks are usually left unchecked and unused. Making the best use of these kinds of spaces is the best way to insert and keep your less than often used stuff like bathroom cleaning brushes, detergents, and supplies hidden easily. 

Use the hanging planters for more than just planting

You can keep your decorative plants in hangers or many other places to add greenery for sure. To get more ideas about how to jazz up your place with hanging plants, you can explore the article  “ Hanging Flowers and Plants; Which one to choose, Faux or Real?“, but you can use them for other purposes as well. You can hang your supplies and items in these hangers easily and add a unique floating decoration in the process. You can paint the hangers with pretty colors as well. 

Use space under the bed 

Our beds are a great way to hide stuff we rarely use like rugs, mats, shoes, and other items. You can hide all those items under there to keep them safe and easily accessible and save space in the process as well. Beds either single or double, king-sized or small-sized, can be easily used for the purpose. 

Utilize those shelves to the fullest 

You can stalk all your needed items on the shelves, doesn’t matter if they are mounted or floating. But the trick is to keep them in a specific line and a pattern. Like from ascending order to descending order of items or keep them in alternate sizes. This will create a geometrical symmetry and things will be perfectly arranged. A geometrically arranged item would give out a neat and easy vibe. 

Invest in the roll-out pantry and built-in appliances 

This is a great way to save space and still use all of your appliances. Roll out pantry that literally rolls out of your kitchen’s small space, would be an excellent way to save a lot of space. The reason why this point is important is that even the basic supplies of the kitchen take up a lot of room. Built-in appliances would create ease of working for sure, you won’t have to clean the spaces where your appliances are kept because guess what? The spaces around the built-in appliances don’t need to be cleaned. 

Use escalators 

Escalators can be unique but super-useful while keeping your home tidy, neat, and chic. Escalators are moveable stairs that are not just for doing some work to climb high spaces. They are easy to move anywhere you like and are easy to use. You can keep them from going up and down from one floor to another. But, these can be used if the floor or place you want to reach with the escalator doesn’t have a lot of height difference. There are some new options where you can fold your escalators into the wall or they can just be shrunk down in size. 

Use universal decorative items 

Decorating your home can bring out the face of a place. But If you are using and investing in universal decorative items, that would be a smart choice. It can help you decorate your home and still save money and space needed to store the seasonal items in which case there are designated items for designated seasons.

Don’t underestimate the importance of Basket 

Use big baskets to keep all your clothes instead of pilling them around in random places. You can also make two baskets, one for all your dirty clothes and one for clothes that you wear casually at home. This way, it will be easy for you to keep your frequently used clothes in one place and even easier to find them. When you have your clothes in just a limited place, it will save your space as well. You can also use simple baskets in the kitchen to keep the bowls in one, dishes in one, and cups in one basket rather than stacking them in the cupboards. This way, you will have the most needed utensils for easy access. 

Use spaces on top of the cupboards 

Wherever your cupboards and closets are, there would surely be space on top and bottom of them. You can very well utilize that space for your benefit. Add some floating shelves and keep your scarves, gloves, socks, and boots in there. You can also keep your Jewellery and other fancy accessories on them, the shelves especially down below the cupboard. The benefit is that these places are more hidden and can be the perfect hideout for your fancy expensive jewelry. 

Make designated spots 

One way to save space and create ease is to make designated spots for all of your things. Keep your unwashed clothes in one place and washed in the other. Keep your jewelry in one place and in the same way, keep your shoes in one place, keep your books stacked up together in one spot, and so on. 

Make use of the corners and sides

Corners and sides in any room or place are hidden treasure spots to adjust almost anything you like. Adjust every item according to its size on every corner and side. It will not make your place appear crowded but still manage to adjust your stuff easily. 

Tips and tricks to adjust and decorate tiny bathroom 

When you have a small space, you would also have a small bathroom. There are some super useful pointers I used to decorate my home that are discussed in the article “Some extremely useful Design ideas to decorate your tiny bathroom“. I’m sure you will find them useful as well. These will make your bathroom pretty and organized. 

Fold-down desks 

This is a super unique and useful way to manage space and keep all your accessories. Fold the desks up and down based on your needs and preferences. With these desks, you can make an easy to manage and foldable workstation and study area. 

Utilize your Kitchen Island

Your kitchen Island covers a lot of space in the kitchen. Make sure when you look for a house or apartment the island should most definitely have lots of cabinets and storage spaces. You can stack all small moveable kitchen appliances in there and staple foods as well, like pulses, beans, sugar stock, and stuff like that. It will not only keep your stash safe and hidden but you would not have to run out frequently just because you ran out of something while cooking a meal.

Look under the stairs

If you have fixed stairs in your home, utilize the space under them. You can get floating shelves under them or create a cute sitting space to read a book, a little gaming session, or whatever you like. This will make up for a trendy hideout and utilize the space perfectly. 

Make use of the attic and basement 

Gather all of your seasonal clothes, decorations, and less than often used accessories and stack them in your attics and basements. These places are perfect to be utilized for storage and make room in your home for what’s really important. 

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Some important questions that can arise in one’s mind 

How do you store a lot of things in one place?

Well, the trick I find super useful while storing clothes is that I roll them instead of folding them, this saves a lot of space. And it is effective not just for traveling but for storing seasonal clothes as well. If there are boxes you want to store, always use symmetrical alignment. 

How do you organize a small house with no storage?

If you have a small house with no storage, nothing to worry about! You can always create your own smart storage spaces. Under the bed, under the stairs, under the sink, above the door, above and below the cabinet, inside the kitchen island. These are just unique and smart spaces for storage in addition to the traditional ones like cabinets, cupboards, and drawers. 

What can I do with a small storage space? 

You can do so much with small storage spaces like if you have little boxes you can keep jewelry, bulk food items, different medications and prescriptions, dry fruits, candies, Bobby pins, and so many little things. If you have small boxes you can keep small clothing items like gloves, socks, hats, and anything that fits. If you have small corners empty, you can keep a small shoe rack and stack shoes and sandals there. It’s all about your creativity to utilize any small space to your advantage. 

Expert Advice 

In today’s smart world, it’s all about making smart decisions. Small homes, apartments, condos are super cute, they save money and time to clean them as well. If we can just learn how to manage our space, we would be perfectly set in any home either small or grand. So, let’s go through some super easy and super cool hacks to live smartly and make the best use of small spaces. Happy Spacing and Storing!

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